25 Aug

I just read something which cracked me up on how the MIL’s expectation of the SIL and DIL just seem funny from an outsider’s point of view. Here! 

We were discussing expectations of daughters-in-laws and sons-in-law. Its just different! 😉

But if i wanted to say more, i wouldnt have the slightest idea or what i end up saying would be confusing. *sigh* Guys have to change, not their personality but something – which i have no idea what, has to change after their title change from a boyfriend to husband. Firstly its because they have not just a wife but a whole other family.  Secondly, they are just expected to be different. Im not making sense, i know! (sorry)

Will revisit the thought when i have done my ‘research’ 🙂 (no promises though)

Now back to expectations of IN-LAWS of their DIL/SIL. I always thought less is expected of a SIL except that he can make their daughter happy, provide for her and be a good leader(of a family), or has the capability to be so in the future. How i think would definitely be strongly influenced by my up-bringing/parents.

Much much more is expected of a DIL. So unfortunately for those who have to live with their in-laws, unless they get along like mother and ‘daughter’. She is expected to :

  1. Wake up early on weekends and help out with the chores.
  2. Look after her husband like a gem!
  3. Make sure the room is clean and tidy. (random thought:  i think the room reflects the person)
  4. Change the husband.  (i have no idea about this!)
  5. Be respectful. (I thought it was expected/logical/only normal to be respectful towards the in-laws)
  6. Treat the family as your own.
  7. the list goes on…(must ask a MIL)

Disclaimer: I can be so very wrong but that is what i think and picked out from what i hear around. (not very good at eavesdropping)


One Response to “DIL/SIL”

  1. ad August 25, 2009 at 10:17 pm #

    wat???? not very good in wat??? eavesdropping..u sure? whahahha…..well its scary to change status frm juz being a gf to be in laws in another family. the tots do scare me away. but i knw my bf will be supportive of me…insyallah

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