my ‘tales’

28 Aug

I have tons of readings to catch up on but im sitting on my chair typing this post. *sigh* Just didnt want to abandon this ol’ blog of mine or its a matter or time before it’d be pronounced dead! (its not that old but hey, its more than a year old of proper frequent enough blogging, not the once in a blue moon kind. I didnt even celebrate its first anniversary 😦 )

It is not as if i have an active social life which explains the frequency of my posts, just that i can always find something to talk about. Yak yak yak…(i like to think i can go on and on and on and on…ok you got the idea)

Ist up!

I was so happy last night! Bliss, euphoria, you name it – i felt it 🙂 ( add a pinch of salt to what i just said and it’d be a perfect picture of my emotions) As me why and i wont tell =p Because i have no proper reason to be happy, i just did. Simple reason and i’m not telling.

Next up!

I usually attend this lecture alone. For some weird, unfathomable reason, i have yet to ‘make’ anyone my friend. Cant blame me for not taking the extra effort to make friends in this super huge lecture theatre where we can sit one seat apart from the other person and there would still be enough space. Or sometimes i feel its good to be alone for a little ‘me’ time. (My mind is finding reason for my loneliness) But on a serious note, it doesnt bother me much, YET.

And so, as i was saying…sitting alone in the lecture theatre and students were filling up the seats, i noticed this girl. People watching involves looking at everyone and sometimes stare (unnoticeably) because you find them interesting. I was looking at this interesting character and then i realised i knew her, my mind went, “oh yea! its this XXX daughter, what was her name….”

What you notice about someone you barely know is their face, clothes and you try to guess what kind of person they are, what kind of things they do, what kind of life they have outside. I’m being very general here but that is what i do in my head when i people watch. But this girl being my relative, it was more of, “oh this is how she is like outside”, not that she looked different but its just interesting (to me). Call me weird if you want, i dont care. Seeing someone in a different setting can change the way you see them, sometimes.

People can be very different at home (with family), with friends, at work, etc…so its nice to see the various sides to them. And the fun of it is watchin when you know they are unaware! (i was contemplating saying Hi but decided against it)

And then!

I wanted to pray and usually the prayer place is empty when i get there. Fortunately, i had company today! (big deal) It is a big deal BECAUSE i got to pray jama’ah with them. Jama’ah with girls only for the very first time! Jakon right, but i really was very happy!!! So happy that you fill full in your heart kind of thing? got it!  I was unsure actually but it turned out fine, coolio!

……………………end of my boring tales…………………………..

better find some time to sleep, or i should read…maybe i should just sleep because i cant concentrate if im reading while sleepy. Crap! Blame the philosophy prof 🙂

He went, “Do the right things because it is the LAW not because Zeus (greek god) does it.” Is the law right or is it right because it is the law? He has many many many of these which comes first, chicken or the egg kinda paradoxical stuff!

The main thing here is what is holy? The ancient philosophers asked, is what the gods love holy or what is holy is loved by the Gods. I can go on here but you’d get bored and start asking youself if something came onto me, so i shall stop. For your sake, ok no for my sake.

ciao! ( i even have story for this related to a man in Budapest, who smelled of onions, or was it garlics. Cant recall but he was nice and he always bid me ciao till i liked the sound of it, felt like i became italian 😉 He was South Korean by the way,  treated me to cuppucino while we had a wonderful, wonderful talk about religion and philosophy? not sure but it was about anIranian movie we caught.)

I cant bear to say good bye that is why i have so much to say.

This time its for real!


2 Responses to “my ‘tales’”

  1. Iqbal August 29, 2009 at 6:24 am #

    Ooh theres “euphoria” again 🙂 Say what you want Sayang, but i think university is really making you more than just “ok ok lah” Even if its one word at a time- sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit!

    And i do so look forward to your stories- dont know is its the lying down, or the extinguished lights, or the soft whispers, or the closed eyes, but i cant help but feel so close to you *wonderful feeling from the mere memory*

  2. parv~.~ August 29, 2009 at 8:40 am #

    lol @ the peribahasa! urm…i guess it is the readings the university is making me do : S. I havent been reading much for quite sometime before so maybe…all the reading woke something up in me? Its not like these words are new, just dont really use them because it wasnt in me to? Argh im starting to crap again!

    p.s.Its so beautifully, wonderfully written (the urm second paragraph) I cant bear to do anything to it. 🙂

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