attributes I find attractive

2 Sep

Really funny and lame video about facebooking 🙂


What kind of guy do i like? Or what do i look for in a guy?

  • muscular
  • tall
  • dark
  • handsome
  • rich
  • be able to pamper me
  • sweet natured
  • cool tempered

I shall stop 🙂 Because its not true!

The real list…(only physical attributes)

1. Facial hair!

(kind of the first thing i see) I would have made straight teeth the first criteria but one cant see the teeth all the time so yea…

2. Straight teeth (fetish!)

I used to think guys with braces was cute, when i was wearing mine. (i think lots of girls might have thought so too, it was kind of the in-thing sometime ago, kids with braces were cool!) *ahem*

3. Broad shoulders.

Just pure manliness.

4. Nice eyes

Rather general i know but its hard to when i dont have much preference (i like yours, you know who you are ;)) What i used to like, wasnt planned or anything but my crushes happen to be guys with really small eyes. (mata sepet)

5. Veins.

I really really really the veins which can be seen through the skin of the arms, its just so manly! (about this, i thought i was weird BUT, i came across a blog which mentioned a girl who liked that attribute as well!)

(this post was inspired by this)

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