state of the heavens

7 Sep

I supposedly have lots to share from my class yesterday but now, not much is left (from my memory i mean)

My tafsir ustaz was translating surah Al-waqiah; there was so so much about the heavens.

It seems that there are bidadari(s) (is it fairy or princess in english?) whose eyes are covered at the sides that they only look at you. Its like terpelihara (protected). These bidadari(s) are of course for the inhabitants of the heaven. For those who are unmarried, they’ll be the lucky ones. Those who are married, with spouses in this present life – they will be with their spouses i guess. My ustaz acutally said this (in two different lessons!) everything will be much better. Relationships, feelings everything that one experience here will be maxmised many times. He said imagine the feeling of love (kasih/cinta) between two people here on earth, remove all the negative feelings such as jealousy, unhappiness etc and times that with 100. That would be how it’ll be like in heaven. He mentioned berjunub, or was it ber jimak with your spouse would be many times better.

Even amongst friends/strangers we won’t say bad things to hurt others, no lies, nothing negative would be uttered in heaven. Only happiness and goodness is present.

An old lady asked Rasulullah whether she would be able to go to heaven and he said no, there are no old people in heaven. She was so sad. He said, what he meant was that peoploe never grow old in heaven. Forever young, pretty, perfect. The bidadari/ women would have the most perfect eyes(just elaborating on one aspect) – the blackest of pupils, the whitest of white, not too big, not too small…simply beautiful.

Besides that of course, there will be alcohol (arak) but it wont make one high or feel dizzy or have any bad effects on the one drinking it. Everything will be nice and good. There are rivers of drinks which we can savour from. If you drink/eat you do not have to go to the toilet. No sickness would come to the inhabitants of jannah (heaven).

There will be khemah (residing place) where these bidadari(s) would be. These khemahs would be so so vast that one person won’t be able to see another person at the other end.

It wouldnt be too cold nor too hot. Just perfect.

Imagine perfect and that is what you’ll get in heaven. That is how i envision it. There is more of what he said but this is all i can manage for now. Hope it was insightful 🙂

p.s. i bet we all wanna go heaven so badly…so better be good boys and girls!


One Response to “state of the heavens”

  1. adilah September 7, 2009 at 8:11 pm #

    well this is true..i heard abt it wen im in religious class…yes i wish i was the “bidari” & single so i cn gt the hunks of the heaven wahahahhah

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