the pfft* nurse

10 Sep

I have a large ugly infected viral warts on the sole of my foot.

Ugh! disgusting i know, that is why im trying to get it out 🙂

So in i went to meet the doc. She was all nice and sweet. Wanted to know why i got it so she checked my feet and hands. I started to smile a little because i know it is only under my foot and its because my shoes are kind of always wet after i take abolution. Cant help it 🙂 or maybe i can take more efforts in caring for my dear feet.

She prescribed the liquid nitrogen treatment, 4 times!

I remembered it to be piercing pain. This nurse was kind of ‘extra’.

Nurse: Ok, Let me tell you about warts. Before that tell me what the doc told you.

Me: urm…*bite teeth* i’unno

(am i on test or something? And urm nurse, im here for treatment not test. AND I HAVE DONE THIS TREATMENT BEFORE)

Nurse: she went on and on about warts and why and blah blah blah…(i cant remember because i was half listening) Ok, you can lie down now.

Me: lie down??? (i was never asked to lie down before)

Nurse: just relax ah.

First she cleaned it with some alcohol swipe thing. Then started scrapping the hard, dry skin.

I flinch. ( i didnt know i cant be human or i would have tried to numb my sensory neurons)

Nurse: I haven’t done anything and your wart is really deep so i cant do anything if you cant stand pain.

Me: *pfft* Ok.(gritting teeth) It was just a reflex reaction. I didnt ask you to stop doing it. *sarcastic*

Some silence as she continues causing pain to my pretty little foot. (pure exaggeration)

Nurse: ok but if you cant stand the pain, next time take Panadol before you come.

Me: uhhh???!!! PANADOL? I’m fasting.

So that she can anyhow scrap off the dry skin! What the hell!

Nurse: In the future when your puasa finish you can take panadol. Anyway its normal to bleed when i’m scrapping off the dry skin.

Me: uh? ohh ok…

Was getting worried though when the the blood didnt stop flowing. She kept dabbing it with the paper i was sitting on. Took something to stop the blood from flowing but it didnt work. Then it was dry ice. Another piercing pain and i flinched again! Dry ice on normal skin can give a sharp sensation i think, imagine it on wound! (or its just super sensitive me)

Nurse: I’m going to spray the liquid nitrogen now. Its -196 degree celsius. (she repeated that like i dont know how many times)

Surprisingly, it wasnt as painful i remembered it to be .  Alhamdulilah.


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