about the ‘lovely crocs’

12 Sep

I actually LOVE my CROCS 🙂

It did look kind of ugly, the guy type of crocs but the female types are not too bad, can fit very nicely with the shape of the feet.

Well about CROCS…

Full disclosure: I have never worn Crocs, except for that day with the unpleasant episode of the exploding garbage disposal, about which the less said, the better. But otherwise, that’s not for any particular reason other than that Crocs don’t come up much. I’m inside all day, and regrettably, I work for a company that requires me to wear human shoes to work (they have a similar policy regarding pants, which I oppose) and what’s more, I am cursed with larger-than-average feet, so wearing Crocs has the unsubtle effect of making me appear to have a small aircraft carrier to each of my legs, which is a highly confidence-rattling way to go about your day.

But that’s OK with me, because very soon, Crocs will be known solely as the ridiculous rubber clown shoes that achieved immense popularity largely because Americans will buy anything if their neighbor has one, even if it makes you look like you’re wearing pickles on your feet.

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A reader commented by saying :

I have four pairs and may go out and buy more. Now that they are out of trend, I will enjoy wearing them even more so.

I also bought those little Kibbitz that fit in the holes. Ha ha. It is the only shoe where you can express your personality. Adults need to chill out and have more fun. You only live so long. Don’t worry so much about what others think of your shoes!


 Yes I love my crocs!

Its wonderfully comfortable and flexible and a little dirty now, long lasting (it has lasted thus far, we shall see how long it’ll last). Its wearing out though, poor shoes.

Its easy to match whatever i’m wearing, or i dont really care try very hard to match my shoes with my clothes every single time. (i used to be like that) There are honestly much more important things in life than ensuring my clothes match my shoes match my accessory match my hijab…

Being overly concern with how i dress all the time can be draining, honestly.

Reminded me of  what my prof said…he was telling us about the exam which will be 100% MCQ. ” the exam hall would be quite empty by the end of 2 hours not because students are done with the paper early but they would be mentally drained after doing some questions.” 

Actually the lectures can be mentally draining as well, maybe. I shared what kind of things he say during lecture before. Dont get me wrong, this is one of my favourite lectures =p


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