relatives who made me think

27 Sep

I keep telling myself that i shouldnt have followed my parents out visiting because i was dead tired by the time we reached home!

We visited a couple of interesting people relatives and we debated on shared religious knowledgede. Before i get on with that, we visited a friend of my father’s. He had stroke when he was 50years old, supposedly out of the blue. Masyallah. (God is great and i am scared*nervously biting my nails*)

His wife was kind of ‘complaining’ about him, says he doesnt want to pray anymore and when he puasa (fast) – he is not serious. The wife is a superwoman; she makes kueh, cakes, cooks for events, teaches mengaji (reading of the holy Koran)  and looks after her husband as well as grandchild. Very active lady i must say. “When you look after a child, after 16 years perhaps they would know how to dress themselves and do things on their own,” she said in Malay. Her husband has been paralysed for 16 years! He is 66 this year, slightly younger than my grandma. I felt like crying when she said that. (soft soft me) I cannot imagine such a thing … in my life…we are so fortunate today, now….its scary to think what could happen to us.

My mum recently recounted my experience few months back when suddenly something came over me and i was sick for a while…yea i know its sin cleansing but i prayed hard for Allah to cure me faster because i couldnt take it. It was probably a very very small way of Him showing me something or it could be so many other reasons. It still remains a mystery, i dont know what came over me.

I didnt think that something would happen and my life had to be on hold for a week plus. We never consider putting our lives on hold, God decides when we have moved to far from where we are supposed to be. Siratulmustaqim.


Relative #1

He had a picture of his ‘teacher’ (religious teacher) on his wall. And here we thought, no pictures should be on the wall. What i heard, Malaikat wont enter the house it seems.

His counterargument: If Malaikat wants to take your life, he will still enter. His reason for putting the photo is to serve as a reminder that he should do more ibadah.

Ya sure, but i heard some people actually bow or ensure that their head does not go above their teacher’s photo which is hung on the wall. Terlalu mengagungkan manusia lain. Honestly why should we? But shouldnt we just do more ibadah in the rememberance of death or piety? (mum’s argument)

Sidetrack: Have you heard people say that you should not bathe urm in your birthday suit because you should be shy of the Malaikat? My Ustaz recently said, that is bullshit (ok he didnt exactly say that)! Why should Malaikat enter the toilet, its a dirty place (tempat najis). It of course does not mean that if someone dies in the toilet Malaikat Jibrail doesnt enter the toilet to take his life. Malaikat can enter anyway on Allah’s command.


Relative #2

The main issue here is whether keeping the beard is wajib or sunnah.

I have never heard it to be wajib. Never in my a little over two decades of life. He had some good points like it makes one recognisable as a muslim thus makes it easier for the exchange of salam. It is indeed a wonderful thing to give salam, highly encouraged. Other reasons:

  • It makes one a man. XXX . What if a man dont have facial hair? (he is such a disadvantaged soul)
  • To show your obedience to God. XXX . I dont see how but he said there is a hadith. (must check if its sahih or not)

The weird thing is he looks messy with it and it might make employers not want to employ him because he is not presentable. Or course looks arent everything but the first impression counts.

I have to research on this…any help is very much welcomed.


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