cooking again!

12 Oct


Been a long time since i made anything for myself so my *ahem* skills are a little rusty, needs some practice and i’ll enjoy my cooking even more in the future. Ah…craving kuttu prata again 🙂 Shall push it away…(R can deliver to my house?)

This is supposed to be called a potato dish. It was adapted from my SIL and she got it from her mother. A very simple dish which you can customise according to what you have at home. I like to add cheese to it to give the extra kick 😉 (so i made my sweet brother go and get me some cheese from a nearby store)

There wasnt any cooked rice to fry, no bread to make sandwiches so its this potato dish then!

Small glitch or it would have been quite a tasty meal: I forgot to boil the potatoes first! But the potatoes turned out quite ok, more cooked than not.

I added french bean, hotdog, beef patty (into small pieces), tomato and egg.

A little muak at the end because of the potatoes maybe, so this should do as a side not the meal itself.


2 Responses to “cooking again!”

  1. nisa October 12, 2009 at 8:48 pm #

    did iqbal manage to try a lil? haha!

    • parv~.~ October 14, 2009 at 8:01 pm #

      lol! nope 🙂 if he wants to try, i have to cook more carefully 😉

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