mati syahid

1 Nov

I heard so many stories today; shall let you guys read it one by one 🙂

There was a Sahabat( friend, who lived during the same time as Rasul) Rasullulah. He went to war and died. (Mati Syahid)

Basic information:

Death caused by war, childbirth etc (Mati Syahid) would mean that person would go to heaven and wait for the judgement day. (if im not wrong, confused) Lets call them Syahiduns

Men who dies while fighting for his religion (NOT in the same sense as suicide bombers of today but fighting in a proper war, like in the past) would not be bathed and wrapped in the white cloth (tidak di mandikan and dikafankan). Instead, he will just be prayed for because he cannot pray on his own(disembahyangkan) before he enters his grave.

Basic steps:

  1. bathed
  2. wrapped in white cloth and cotton (3-7 layers depending on gender)
  3. prayed
  4. buried (7 feet under)
  5. Questioned by Angels
  6. and so on…

So for Syahiduns, they skip steps 1 and 2.

However, in this Sahabat’s case, the Angels (malaikat) actually bathed him. 


Flashback, a day before he went to war and died, he got married and had husband-wife reltions. The morning after, he might also have had that husband-wife relations before he was called to go to war. And he died. So it was assumed that he did not have time to cleanse himself after having relations with his wife. Thus the Angel had to cleanse him by bathing him.  


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