gender equalities issue

17 Nov

I was doing some reading about gender equality issues in India and i found this rather nice paragraph about women rights in India, how it might affect the natural family dynamics and whether education should be differentiated for men and women, whether women should be allowed to work and achieve economic independence.

According to some, being economically independent means they are given more options to marry or not to marry, to stay in a bad marraige or not etc. The number of recorded divorces are significantly lower than in the west. Note: RECORDED divorces, some women just stay in the marriage because of the stigma they will face as as divorcee in the traditional society they live in.

What then happens if more and more women opt to be single because they dont have to depend on men?

Enough of my thoughts and here it is the quote :

Families are seen as suffused with love and altruism- ‘the heart of the heartless world’ Resources and tasks are assumed to be shared equitably, so as to take account of everyone’s needs. Incomes are assumed to be pooled, preferences shared, and decisions jointly-made. Conflicts either do not surface or get easily resolved


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