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Family stands for?

30 Dec

Very very touching! I’ve read this in a email before. The truth of it – we are all guilty of the action.

Here people!


warning: Ad should remain calm

29 Dec

Link ini tentang perkara-perkara perkahwinan yang berlaku – out of proportion! (mainly tentang hantaran)

Sekarang, Parvin harus type dalam bahasa Melayu so that Adilah tak boleh nak buli die dengan translation merepek. Oklah to be honest, i’ve reading alot in Malay because of the topic i’m ‘researching’ on thus my thoughts or words might be sugar coated with Malay here and there.

Kelakar betul apa yang dibincangkan dalam artikel tu, ingin juga nak translate-kan untuk kawan-kawan bukan melayu tapi nanti copyright pulak! (trying hard to sound malay-ish and i can type Malay but speaking, jangan harap!)


There are more articles! Very fun to read if one is as free as i am 🙂

– keeping the flame alive

– mobile porn

– first impressions ~

Lulu, 23 (Bellydancing Guru)
“Oh! There was this guy! We went out 1st date, like for a movie, then went to eat and he suggested to go bowling, so we ended up playing a few rounds then he sent me home…wait this is the best part… The next day he sms me to say he had a great time, LISTED HOW MUCH EVERYTHING COST HIM LAST NIGHT, and casually said I can PASS HIM HALF THE AMOUNT ANYTIME! And he ended off with ‘hope we have more dates in the future!’ I mean….Seriously!!”

Funny right! hahaha (i think this sounds lame, unfortunately you guys have to put up with my karenah *evil laugh*)

Well, hope it was enjoyable at least! Tata~

humour time

29 Dec

the little pig said to his father….

LP – Little pig

PP – Papa pig

LP: If there is a $5 note and $10 note on the floor, which would you pick?

PP: $10 of course!

LP: You very stupid, why dont you just take both!


LP: How come my friends from school have big bungalows for houses but we have such a small house?

PP: That’s why you must study hard so that you can earn lots of money and have a big house.

LP: Then why didnt you study hard when you were young?


There were a few more, shared by my student.


There was a little girl was walking home from school. It started to pour very heavily! Her mum was very worried that she was not back even though it would take her only 20 minutes normally. It was already an hour so she drove hurriedly to find her little girl and spotted her smiling towards the sky as she walked after a few steps.

It was walk walk walk, stop and look at the sky – smile, resume walk walk walk, stop and look at the sky – smile…

mum: why do you waste time looking towards the sky every time there is a lightning? You know how worried i was when you took longer than usual?!

little girl: guess her answer 🙂

Mama, God is taking a photo of me so i have to stop and smile to the sky every time i see the lightning.

i dont know the answer to these questions :S

27 Dec

“Why did the girl in the hindi movie choose Raj over Suri?” a friend asked.

Not knowing what to say, ” i thought she chose Suri?”  getting confused by the minute. ” And what is up with the questions? you already have found someone who loves you. You should ask her, not me. ” I was trying to get out of answering his question.

I tried, ” maybe Raj is fun, Raj expressed his love while Suri kept it to himself, like a precious secret. Maybe Raj looks cool? I think its mainly because Raj was fun, he made her laugh and enjoy herself. With Suri, she was uptight.”

My friend said, “she might love me today but what about tomorrow?”

*dumbfounded* “you shouldn’t be asking me these questions, instead ask experienced couples who’ve been married for long, ” i replied.

I was a little surprised by that question! I blogged about keeping the flame alive before. Should have asked my friend to go visit that post.

Or try this links : first up!


26 Dec

What do these women get by visiting this place every Thursday? I wonder if they look forward to this event every Thursday…(to find out, click on the link below)

It was my first visit on a blessed Thursday  this year. It used to the the place i visited with my mum and brothers, sometimes father in the past. It always feels good at the end of the prayers, spending a minute fraction of our time just for Allah and nothing else, Insyallah. How often do we do that? Even in our prayers, we think of worldly (dunia) issues, when that 5/10 minutes of our time was supposed to be solely for Him.

In that short prayer, i recalled sitting with my mum and looking forward to a certain zikr which sounds really nice 🙂 so that became my favourite. There was another which we had to repeat 40 times, Lailahaillaallah (There is no god but Allah) which i didnt really like because it was long. I was young, didnt know much of what it was i was repeating after the Imam (leader of prayer). I try to find concentration by knowing the meaning of what i was saying.

I have always wanted to cry like the people of mecca when they pray in front of the Kaaba everyday. Was it because of the Kaabah? or was it because of the love they feel for Allah? or maybe because of the meaning of Quran verses read by the Arabic Imam,  which has very deep meaning and his soothing voice? My guess was – they knew the meaning…

So i should not give up learning Arabic even if it’s going to be a rough road towards success.

To know what the ratib sounds like, click on these links for the video in youtube.

part one (from 1.32 seconds onwards, when the raatib starts)

part two


While typing this post, i had this on in another tab. Its streaming from the UK. Cool site,

  • sometimes its just playing the ayat Quran in the soothing of voices
  • Q & A session for the people from all over Europe and even the USA and even Islamic lectures (syarahan)
  • Islamic historical videos,  documentaries
  • Kids time where there will be cartoons and little chefs teaching us simple food to cook.
  • NOW there is some programme on the Islamic hip hop or nasheeds, there is a huge market there in the UK. Some groups in Australia and America.  Zain Bhikha is one with English songs. And now im listening to this one Amir Awan. You can get them on youtube 🙂

divorce was the title

25 Dec

Not sure if i put this on my blog before but a refresher is definitely worth it 🙂



24 Dec

A girl of 20 was sold to a fifty year old man for a huge amount of money. He married her after that.

read the story here

desperate in…

24 Dec

When the lust dies down, love and respect would bind the relationship.



“…and then I said, ‘no habibi, I want it to be special and your tree of desire will bear many fruits if you water it with some patience.’ And then he said, ‘my tree of desire is so big that I am afraid it will explode!”



David and Huda had ‘dated’ for only six months before they he proposed to her. In Huda’s world, ‘dating’ consisted of hanging out together like friends and occasionally saying romantic things to each other. There was no kissing, no hugging and definitely no screwing. They had met through mutual friends while he was in London on an internship and after their relationship developed into a romance, he had decided to stay on, despite being unemployed and relying purely on his savings. He rented a tiny room in Forest Gate, using up all of his funds in pursuing Huda, and when he had just about used up every penny he had ever accumulated, he proposed to her with a cheap ring, promising a better one once he was wealthier.

Huda didn’t care that the ring was cheap. Just seeing him kneel down before her, his eyes bright with hope, made her warm up, his love wrapping itself around her. She agreed without thinking twice and he pulled her into their first embrace. She didn’t melt at his touch though. Instead, she stiffened slightly and pulled away, blushing at the longing in his face.

“Just wait until we’re married,” she had said with a shy smile, looking down and fixing her turquoise cotton top. He looked away, and she squeezed his shoulder reassuringly, reminding him that it wasn’t her who wanted to keep a distance, but their Lord.

So they waited. Although occasionally tentatively entwining their fingers, Huda was careful not to break down the barriers she had spent years building in accordance with her faith and her beliefs. David did plead for her to relent every so often, his desire at times too strong to remain silent, reasoning that they were about to get married anyway. She always tried to lightheartedly brush off his advances, sometimes getting annoyed at his persistence.

Now, the man who would have become horny at the sight of his wife in a shell suit, didn’t even bat an eyelash at seeing her in sexy lingerie. And for the life of her, Huda cannot understand why.


To read more of Huda‘s story – chapter 2, a few more, 11, 15. The story is intertwined somehow with the other characters so its best to read the whole story but my favourite character is Huda.

It is very different from the typical stories one reads written in the Us or the UK. I like reading books written about lives of girls in old London, or Texas …that kind. But this has a different feel, written about life in a not so far away land, Dubai. The writer feels rather young but her ideas are interesting. It has the Islamic/ non-islamic edge…one of the main characters is rather Islamic, another is struggling with her faith and the other 2 are totally into clubbing and men. It’s a good read which i totally recommend. The above are excerpts which i like…there were much more but one should really read to find out. I shouldnt take too much of someone’s work though im giving it credit 😉

…from this online novel in the making im reading.

every girls dreamguy?

22 Dec

I find this so hard to believe! Can this guy she is describing be real? hehe

But its darn sweet and i bet you’d be green with envy after reading 🙂 (don’t say i didnt warn ya)

I got this from a blog, click on this to go there ~Why I want to marry Dubai Groom

So. Back to the point. Today, I want to list a few reasons why Dubai Groom is the the One.
2. He thinks I am the most amazing, beautiful and perfect woman in the whole world (and doesn’t care about the extra kgs I carry around with me).
7. He cooks me complicated dishes that I may have mentioned whilst browsing through cooking books
16. He never lets me drive in the rain…and insists of driving 30km to my place to collect me and drop me to work. My office is right next to his place so imagine how long that is!
18. I know I can count on him. Even when I accidentally forget to fill my petrol and I break down on one side of Dubai, he will come down from the other side of Dubai where he was having a very important meeting and rescue me. And sis, NO, he is NOT a MUG!!!!
19. He is smart. Sometimes a little too smart but intelligence is a turn on nevertheless.
20. He didn’t check out Megan Fox when we watched Transformers. In fact, he turned around and said “this is the girl you were going on about? Hayati, you’re a million times more beautiful than her.”

My favourite – #20 ~~ Read on! (just click on the title)

One of the Emirates! – ثمانية

22 Dec

Belly dancers dont wear these anymore…*check her out at the end of the post*

We traveled from Dubai to the Hatta Oman highway towards the desert. Oman is another country altogether. Me and grandma! Look far behind us and you’ll see a jeep and a couple of people having a picnic. Cool huh!

My favourite picture; the crisp wind blowing the sand ever so gently and the perfect sky almost sunset…

Look at the vast earth Allah created…i cant see the end.

Our tour guide, not that difficult to spot i guess, and the rest of the fellow travelers in the same jeep.

On the way to the campsite, my mum and I sat at the back. Its supposed to be the place where one would experience the most thrill! At first we all wore seat belts but after a photo taking stop, he said we didnt need to wear seat belts so we didn’t. Turned out he just wanted us to have more fun with restraints and boy was it fun! My mum and i bumped into each other and moved from side to side a number of times.  I wanted more and more of it but the people in the jeep were older folks. And if we kept quiet, he would go on more dunes to hear our screams. All the older ladies were reading prayer like bismillah, ya Allah etc and he joked that they would finish all the prayer by the end of the night from Surah Al Ikhlas to Al Baqarah.

If i lived in Dubai, i can drive the jeep on my own and cruise down the steepest of dunes, just like what you see in the picture.

I just loooove the feeling of my feet digging into the cold sand. It was cold because it rained in the earlier part of the day.

Another one with the guide…thorns among the rose or the roses among the thorn?

My purple ‘attire’ is not that difficult to spot…with my dear dad. I ran all the way there, my feet in the sand, gosh it felt good!

Convoy! Can you spot my mum and grandma behind the first car?

And alas, we reached the camp site. My friends know how much i like anything Arabic so this was nothing but Arabic.

First: Arabic coffee, strong and bitter.

Offered with dates. My dad sitting on the carpet, arabic style perhaps. Foreground, my hand with the little cup of arabic coffee.

Second: Arabic style of dining.

Far from what appeared in my dream. I dreamt of being in Dubai or some place in the Arab land, in a restaurant….It was authentic arabic i guess

Third: Before our BBQ dinner,(no picture because my hand was covered with henna by dinner time)

we had a very short camel ride. The camels can be a little naughty, refusing to sit when asked to – could be because its tired and bored. I touched its skin, felt like coconut husk.

Mum and dad. I was a little surprised mum went for the ride but she screamed as expected.

Forth: There was some shisha available…FOC and urm anyone can do it…no comments 🙂

Fifth: Belly dancing

The belly dancer was a little obnoxious. She had to perfrom 5 dances so i guess its the fatigue getting to her. I shall not comment on her urm assets. She dances well i guess. I am glad my dad captured this shot of her and not one when she was facing us. I was thinking….i should take up belly dancing, anyone wants to join me?

On the way back to our hotel, i sat next to the driver/ tour guide. He gave us a lot of information on the way and a really funny guy. Made our trip an enjoyable one, fun-filled and maybe tear-filled for my mum. She showed a lot of courage on this trip and i appreciate it, for sometimes it is for me. I had an enjoyable chat with him about his life in Dubai, about deserts, his family, his views on women and much more in that short ride. An impressionable man. My one and only real experience with a local. Wished i had more opportunities because traveling is not about just the sights but interacting with the locals would have enriched the experience. Insyallah another trip to Dubai would be a backpacking one or at least not one with the tour group filled with Singaporeans, with my favourite person. 🙂 🙂 🙂

That’s all folks!

Its raining now so perhaps its time to sleep. ~~ good night my loyal readers