and off i went…to Dubai

14 Dec

the people who came to send us off to the rich/poor Dubai! 😉

I went by MRT because…


Stay tuned for more photos of the beautiful Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah…

What i loooove about Dubai…. *my dreamy eyes*

^^that i hear the azan anywhere, everywhere (sometimes listening to the azan runs a chill down my back)

^^there are prayer rooms everywhere

^^the gentlemen in white jubahs and ladies in black jubah

^^i especially like the full package, white jubah and the white scarf on their head with the head band to hold it down (there are actually many styles:))

^^the Arabic signages, numbers, songs – basically Arabic anything! I love Arabic 🙂  *ahem* the men too 😉

^^the oh-so-beautiful mosque in Abu Dhabi! (you’ll see it soon in the following post)

^^halal food everywhere! (food, food and more food)

^^that we can have picnics in the deserts

^^there are only 2.5 million people in the whole of UAE which means more space 🙂 (compared to 5 million in little Singapore)

^^dates everywhere

^^i love love love the flower beds in Abu Dhabi! Many beautiful colours…

^^the weather was perfect, at an average of 25 degree celsius

^^i can swim in scarf and pants and i dont look weird AND can do the slides 🙂

^^the dancing fountain is so beautiful, i wished i didnt lose the videos i took of it…

*if i lived there… there are so many places to go and just sit and relax, chit chat then go pray nearby when it is time, go eat at any shop because all is halal*


One Response to “and off i went…to Dubai”

  1. walrus December 6, 2013 at 12:42 am #

    nk tumpang tanye.
    yg msk aquaventure tu, klu perempuan kan, camne pkaian yg diorang benarkan ye??

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