after a zillion years, we met

20 Dec

The menu doesn’t have pictures to tantalize your taste buds ^^

The food was Oook, the company was fun! We’ve been friends for a long time now, wouldnt have bothered to keep in touch if they weren’t fun now would i? 😉 We had a camera but the owner doesnt really like to upload photos and send it out so we’d just have to do with my phone.

I had grilled chicken which everyone said was a little too tough. L’s mushroom pasta was very creamy (unhealthy) but quite nice i think – quite a big portion. A’s meat balls were served with jam (interesting idea) again was delicious. M’s steak was quite tasty according to her.

Fika is overall quite good, perhaps up for a second visit in the future. But for now, we’ve got many more food places to check out! The best place, which i’ve unselfishly recommended to many friends, is….*drumroll*  AMIRAH”S GRILL! Even my best friend, A’s 21st anniversary, oops i mean birthday was celebrated there 🙂


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