One of the Emirates! – سبعة

21 Dec


weeee! mountains…i love mountains!!!

It took 2 hours plus to reach Fujairah from Dubai and we had to go past Sharjah. Many people who work in Dubai live in Sharjah because rent for example cost less than half of what they are paying in Dubai.

The tour guide told us about camels as well. Im afraid there was so much i remember. Oh i remember, the camels in the Dubai are all one-hump(ed).

I think my ustaz used to tell us a number of camel stories. That they are wonderful animals because they have very good nature. They are shy, more than us humans because they wont kiss or do whatever it is animals do to procreate in front of other camels.

I realise that is the only thing i remember from all the stories…

I remember a dog story now. My ustaz repeated this story too many times for me to forget.

This man was in a desert. He was very thirsty. After wondering for some time, he discovered an almost dried up well so he climbed down and satisfied his thirst.

Suddenly he heard a dog barking and when he looked up, the dog was looking down into the well with its tongue hanging out (dont dogs always hang their tongue out?) wellassuming this dog was thirsty and the man decided to give him water but how?

He took off his shoe and scooped up some water. Held it in between his teeth ans climbed up the wall of the well.

Moral of the story: Figure it out 😉

Back to the point! Mountains in Fujairah…

…mountainous terrain AND plain dessert…

Fujairah Friday market

Mountain drop

To know how far below the mountain goes, look at how little the animals are. We saw black mountain goats very far down the mountain.

Al Bidyah Mosque ~ date back to 1446

Its really small, smaller than the size of my living room. We did get to pray inside 🙂

Fun fact: Our Sri Lankan guide was testing our knowledge on the reason for the minaret of a mosque. Any guesses? (checkout the answer at the bottom of the post)

Hilton Fujairah

We stopped by at Hilton for lunch and saw pork! So we didnt touch the food and had fruits instead. My mum didnt eat anything…

I look scared of this…

This is soooo Arabic!

Can you see the bird inside?

The bedoins used to live in places like this. It was not long ago when this was all emptied, 3o – 40 years ago maybe.

(the reason: in the past there weren’t mikes and to be able to call everyone for prayer, the bilal would climb up to the top of the minaret tower and send the message that it is prayer time. I bet they didnt know how to tell the time in the past so it was through the bilal that they know the prayer time.)

And the Al-Bidyah mosque dont need a minaret because it was built next to the mountain so the bilal can use that to convey the message.


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