One of the Emirates! – ثمانية

22 Dec

Belly dancers dont wear these anymore…*check her out at the end of the post*

We traveled from Dubai to the Hatta Oman highway towards the desert. Oman is another country altogether. Me and grandma! Look far behind us and you’ll see a jeep and a couple of people having a picnic. Cool huh!

My favourite picture; the crisp wind blowing the sand ever so gently and the perfect sky almost sunset…

Look at the vast earth Allah created…i cant see the end.

Our tour guide, not that difficult to spot i guess, and the rest of the fellow travelers in the same jeep.

On the way to the campsite, my mum and I sat at the back. Its supposed to be the place where one would experience the most thrill! At first we all wore seat belts but after a photo taking stop, he said we didnt need to wear seat belts so we didn’t. Turned out he just wanted us to have more fun with restraints and boy was it fun! My mum and i bumped into each other and moved from side to side a number of times.  I wanted more and more of it but the people in the jeep were older folks. And if we kept quiet, he would go on more dunes to hear our screams. All the older ladies were reading prayer like bismillah, ya Allah etc and he joked that they would finish all the prayer by the end of the night from Surah Al Ikhlas to Al Baqarah.

If i lived in Dubai, i can drive the jeep on my own and cruise down the steepest of dunes, just like what you see in the picture.

I just loooove the feeling of my feet digging into the cold sand. It was cold because it rained in the earlier part of the day.

Another one with the guide…thorns among the rose or the roses among the thorn?

My purple ‘attire’ is not that difficult to spot…with my dear dad. I ran all the way there, my feet in the sand, gosh it felt good!

Convoy! Can you spot my mum and grandma behind the first car?

And alas, we reached the camp site. My friends know how much i like anything Arabic so this was nothing but Arabic.

First: Arabic coffee, strong and bitter.

Offered with dates. My dad sitting on the carpet, arabic style perhaps. Foreground, my hand with the little cup of arabic coffee.

Second: Arabic style of dining.

Far from what appeared in my dream. I dreamt of being in Dubai or some place in the Arab land, in a restaurant….It was authentic arabic i guess

Third: Before our BBQ dinner,(no picture because my hand was covered with henna by dinner time)

we had a very short camel ride. The camels can be a little naughty, refusing to sit when asked to – could be because its tired and bored. I touched its skin, felt like coconut husk.

Mum and dad. I was a little surprised mum went for the ride but she screamed as expected.

Forth: There was some shisha available…FOC and urm anyone can do it…no comments 🙂

Fifth: Belly dancing

The belly dancer was a little obnoxious. She had to perfrom 5 dances so i guess its the fatigue getting to her. I shall not comment on her urm assets. She dances well i guess. I am glad my dad captured this shot of her and not one when she was facing us. I was thinking….i should take up belly dancing, anyone wants to join me?

On the way back to our hotel, i sat next to the driver/ tour guide. He gave us a lot of information on the way and a really funny guy. Made our trip an enjoyable one, fun-filled and maybe tear-filled for my mum. She showed a lot of courage on this trip and i appreciate it, for sometimes it is for me. I had an enjoyable chat with him about his life in Dubai, about deserts, his family, his views on women and much more in that short ride. An impressionable man. My one and only real experience with a local. Wished i had more opportunities because traveling is not about just the sights but interacting with the locals would have enriched the experience. Insyallah another trip to Dubai would be a backpacking one or at least not one with the tour group filled with Singaporeans, with my favourite person. 🙂 🙂 🙂

That’s all folks!

Its raining now so perhaps its time to sleep. ~~ good night my loyal readers


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