new look for my cupboard, just in time for the new year!

1 Jan

I wish i was as lucky as Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the city. Wait! Dont jump to conclusions, i wish i had friends like her who’d spend time ‘clearing’ her wardrobe with her 🙂 They sat with cards reading YES, NO and MAYBE to help her decide what she should do with her clothes. They modeled for her as well! Cool right! I guess that only happens in movies…

I tried to clear out my cupboard. Took out one catogory of clothes – baju kurung, kebaya, punjabi suits (all which can be worn when attending family functions) I have some really old clothes which i wasnt sure i could fit.

I started modeling in them, unfortunately no one except my mum was available to watch me 😦 Surprisingly i could most of them! Like some were sewn 7-8 years ago. My mum’s comments weren’t useful as i was looking to give away clothes. My clothes seldom go to waste because i have 5 little cousins 🙂 (i still think of them as my little cousins no matter how big they are now).

I tried on one after another and my mum’s comments were ; NICE, OK…

Then how to give away???

She said i had to make my own decision. She would look at me a certain way when she comes to check what im giving away.

Mum: har? this one also you giving away? Har? this one you wore like once only!

Me: Then how? I dont wear these really nice clothes anywhere except for wedding/ family functions. And you can count with your fingers how many times that means in a year.

#1 Beige and gold kebaya

#2 Yellow baju kurung

#3 Black with beige flowered kebaya

#4 Brocaded top with plain red bottom, baju kurung

#5 Orange kebaya pendek? haha i dont really know what its called “,

#6 Light yellow kebaya

#7 Purple kebaya pendek (the same kind of baju as above)

Guess which ones im giving away and which im keeping? I have many more than this but i got tired of taking photos of myself and changing in and out of clothes. Look at the background and you can see just how many i have! Too many for my own good 😉

p.s. my cupboard is very very neat! ME likes it 🙂 (but there is still no empty space)


2 Responses to “new look for my cupboard, just in time for the new year!”

  1. ad January 1, 2010 at 11:22 pm #

    haiya u shld hv clear ur cupboard during my skol holidays so i cn lie on ur bed to tell u wat is in & out la..nxt skol holiday ok? if u still wnt to clean ur cupboard…


    sex n the city 2 is coming out soon we shld watch together just like old times.

    • parv~.~ January 2, 2010 at 9:39 am #

      haha thank you!!! i bet by next year, my cupboard would need clearing up again 🙂 (but what the future hold, we do not know)

      And YES! Sex and the City together!!! You promise already, evidence is here…hehe

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