we bathed in morning sunshine

3 Jan

A lovely morning on the first day of 2010 was spent in MacRitchie trekking towards the TreeTop Walk. It was a 7km walk towards

Presenting to you –  my model of the day! He dressed to be my model 😉

The sun was shining brightly into my eye, Iq didn’t make me cry.

a little stream…

Hello there little monkey 🙂 He was one of the good ones, the others were causing a racket –  we almost flee from MacRitchie. *kidding*

Our journey has begun…

One of Allah’s wonderful creation!

Greenest of green! I love the green!!! So bright and pretty…

You know how models are, they must get enough water to maintain their good complexion. *vain actually* Refuses to pose with the ants but i took a photo anyway…hahaha

Iq says its the Hotel of the Ants. *btw it looks disgusting*

My model refuses to listen to me! Dont want to face me instead choses to face his back at me.

Look at the excitement on my face! *please ignore the perspiration* This also marks the approximate halfway mark of our trek.

Wait up! He left me alone at the top of steep stairs…:( chasing who? >.< hehe i asked him to go down first so i can take photo 🙂

The hut in the background marks the beginning of the TreeTop Walk.

The security guard was so kind to offer to help us take a photo 🙂  A must take photo spot, in front of the entrance!

Lower peirce reservoir (MacRitchie) I wouldnt say the view was magnificient but Singapore is improving. It was just right, a gradual and slow trek up there to the TreeTop. Unfortunately the Canopy walk was only 250m and i didnt want it to end!

Cute like chipmunk!(next time must put one baulu into each cheek..hehe) Sukanye makan baulu 😉 We were at a monkey viewing gallery. haha we weren’t at the zoo so i made that up!  We did see monkeys though and the old aunty behind Iq was pointing to the monkeys and gesturing for us to see again and again.

Im no nature lover but i like how the trees provide some shade at the same time allowd some light in through the little spaces between the leaves.

I wanted to go down to the tip of the triangle shaped grass patch but Iq said i shouldnt. It would be nice to take photo right? However that wasn’t a normal slope down but a rahter steep one. No one went down there 🙂

Had a great time! Laughing, watching monkeys, teasing, snacking and trekking. Great morning workout for us 🙂


After re charging our energy, we headed down town for a few games of pool with best buds.

The ‘amateur’ –  he plays well enough but is modest as always 🙂

The tyco! She gets better as her eyelids droop more and more. *hint:sleepy*

The super amateur.

The expert + cameraman.

Where is the third angel? Charlie would be furious!

There, alas – one of just the guys ~~


One Response to “we bathed in morning sunshine”

  1. iq January 3, 2010 at 1:14 pm #

    super fun day 😀

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