Relationship tips

5 Jan

Envisioning Your Future

by Claire Hatch

In my counseling practice, I work with couples in all stages of life. I see engaged couples and married couples who are struggling with their relationships. Very often these men and women want very different things out of life. I see men who are driven to create brilliant careers married to women who just want them home with the family. I see women bent on building their dream houses married to men who want to take it easy on the weekends. I see social butterflies married to homebodies. They are disappointed that their dreams are not coming true, and they have fallen into the habit of criticizing the dreams of their spouses.

How many of these couples do you think talked about their life goals before they got married? How many devoted time to envisioning their future? If you guessed, “Not many,” you’d be exactly right.

With 20/20 hindsight, they can see that this was a big mistake. Inevitably they say they wish they had talked openly about what they wanted and how they would get it at the beginning.

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One Response to “Relationship tips”

  1. KamaSutra February 19, 2010 at 3:30 pm #

    Love likes the fire, it can’t be made a fool, it would burn your own.
    The true love suddenly broken, not only but like the old man
    who has lost the stick.
    True love is love which only for two person, and no place for the
    third person.

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