why, i wondered

8 Jan

When i think of him, about how i wish he’d get well soon…

This story comes to mind…

There lived a woman who was the best of wives, she served her husbands needs. A staunch muslimah who also carried her duties as per Islam. Her husband was a good man who made her happy.

Then one day she asked for a divorce.

Husband was perplexed. He asked if it was his actions, his unfulfilled duties, his…

No she said. Eversince she married him, he hasn’t fall sick.

*Allah loves those he cause sickness to befall*

There was nothing he could do so they went on their way to get a divorce. A long journey it was.

Suddenly, the vehicle hit a stone which by the grace of god hit the husband! There, God does love him 🙂

They loved happily ever after…


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