we never know what lies behind that facade

11 Jan

Marriage is suppose to protect us from zina and satisfy our natural human desires. Why then are married men resorting to such outlets to satisfy another type of human need? Does the problem lie with them or their wives?

This article(link) goes beyond the surface of the problem to find the cause, not just stopping sexual intimacy but physical and emotional intimacy. Is it the stress they face? They can even be leading double lives  so wives don’t only have to face their husbands addiction to pornography but much more stemming from just the husbands bad choices.

Below is a short paragraph extracted from the article :

The Secret Lives of Muslim Husbands

By  Abdul Lateef Abdullah

Writer, Counselor – Malaysia

As an IslamOnline.net cyber counselor, I am confronted on a regular basis with the growing phenomenon of pornography in the lives of Muslim husbands. Though it may come as a shock to many, according to concerned wives, pornography is becoming an increasing phenomenon for some Muslim men. It raises many questions, beginning with the most basic one: What is pornography an outlet for, specifically? Why are so many men turning to the “lesser adultery” or the adultery of the eyes despite their knowing – and not seeming to care – that both Allah and their wives are aware of their pastime? How can we better understand a Muslim adult male’s desire to indulge in viewing pornographic material despite its illicit nature?


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