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reminder for us all

28 Feb

Newlyweds sometimes don’t readily acknowledge that they must work on the marriage for it to survive.

Many divorce when marriage is not what they expected or harder than they imagined. Divorce is now considered a plausible option among young Muslims, unlike the generation before them. Now, more than ever, we should prepare ourselves and our children for the realities of marriage. Preparing for marriage is as important as having an accurate road map before driving cross country.

Preparing for marriage is more than searching for a spouse; it begins with discovering who you are as a person.



how perfectly imperfect~

28 Feb


Perfect, how imperfect the hearts were.

Just as we are, imperfect.

Perfect, how the rock was with its inclusions none could see with the naked eye.

Just like our flaws, perfectly hidden by our disguise.

Perfect, how the rock was just the right proportion – not the best but almost perfect.

Just as we are, an almost perfect combination, Insyallah.


Its drawing near.

Oh Allah guide us and protect us.

لا تغضب

19 Feb

Control your anger!

I am sure there are many hadith which reminds us not to be angry. I never thought i had issues with my anger. Interesting though…or am i just normal?

When i get angry, i would try to think back to find out what triggered my wrath. Sometimes its unjustified (if so i am willing to apologise) sometimes it is justified. Justification is subjective though so the best is not to be angry.



18 Feb
When someone sneezes, they should praise Allah by saying “Alhamdulillah'”(Praise be to Allaah.)
If you here someone sneezing and praising Allah, you should ask Allah to bestow His Mercy on them by saying “Yarhamukallaah” ( May Allah Azawajal Bless you).”

If someone says this to you, you should reply, “Yahdeekumullaahu wayuslihu baalakum”
(May Allah give you guidance and improve your condition).
From an email~

the goodness of reading the Quran

12 Feb
The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said to Abu Dharr,
O Abu Dharr! That you set out in the morning and learn one verse from the Book of Allah is better for you than if you prayed one hundred Rakahs (units of prayer).” [Ibn Majah]
As we grow older, we start to feel the need to better ourselves…to be a better person. Insyallah with the determination, we will achieve it 🙂

teach your child to recite the Quran

11 Feb
Your child will be given a position in Paradise according to the number of verses he memorizes from the Book of Allah, it will be said to him on the Day of Judgment as the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said:
‘Read, ascend and recite with slow, rhythmic chanting just as you used to recite in the worldly life. For verily, your position (in Paradise) will be at the place of the last verse that you recite.” [Abu Dawud and at-Tirmidhi]

highlight of the day is not shown in this post~~

8 Feb

~Blue Lime Soda for him and Kiwi Soda for her~

His was nicer!

His moving food, chicken teriyaki with……*drum rolls*

delicious sushi!

Ah…i forgot, i think it is also chicken…Delicious 🙂

Ramen in soup and rice with egg! (i think this is a good one to try if you wish to have both)


Last stop of the day before heading home for a pleasant evening with *ahem* some other people 🙂

Still on my quest to discover the brownie with ice-cream of his dreams ~~

Supplication can take away your fatigue

5 Feb

Let us try this and see if it works for us….all of us, my friends and every muslim reading this blog!

Read (Subhanallah) 33 times, (Alhamdulillah) 33 times dan (Allahuakbar) 33 times before you shut your eyes every night.

We would not read do’a after our Isyak prayer at night with the excuse that we are tired but according to this, it will refresh us by the next morning. And this ‘medication’ is free!



Bagi mengatasi kepenatan melaksanakan tugas-tugas seharian sama ada di

rumah mahupun di tempat kerja, bolehlah jadikan petua yang diajar

oleh Rasulullah s.a.w. kepada puteri kesayangannya Saidatina Fatimah

sebagai penawarnya.

Suatu hari Saidatina Fatimah mengadu kepada suaminya Saidina Ali bin

Abu Talib tentang kesakitan pada tangannya kerana keletihan menggiling

gandum untuk membuat roti. Saidina Ali berkata :

‘Bapa kamu telah datang membawa balik tawanan perang. Berjumpalah dia

dan mintalah seorang khadam untuk membantu mu.’

Saidatina Fatimah pergi bertemu bapanya dan menyatakan hasrat untuk

mendapatkan seorang khadam bagi membantu tugas hariannya di rumah.

Bagaimanapun Rasulullah s.a.w. tidak mampu memenuhi permintaan anak

kesayangannya itu. Lalu Baginda s.a.w. pergi menemui puterinya serta

menantu itu. Baginda s.a.w. berkata:

‘Apa kamu berdua mahu aku ajarkan perkara yang lebih baik daripada apa

yang kamu minta daripadaku? Apabila kamu berdua berbaring untuk tidur,

bertasbihlah (Subhanallah) 33 kali, bertahmid (Alhamdulillah) 33 kali

dan bertakbir (Allahuakbar) 33 kali. Ia adalah lebih baik untuk kamu

berdua daripada seorang khadam.’

Inilah penawar ringkas yang Nabi s.a.w. ajarkan kepada anak dan

menantunya bagi meringankan keletihan dan kesusahan hidup mereka berdua.

Saidina Ali terus mengulang-ulang kalimah-kalimah Rasulullah.s. a.w.


Katanya ‘Demi Allah aku tidak pernah meninggalkannya semenjak ia

diajarkan kepadaku.’

Sayugia dicadangkan kepada ibu-ibu, suami-suami atau sesiapa sahaja

yang merasai kepenatan setelah melakukan tugas-tugas harian supaya

mengamalkan membaca ‘Subhanallah’ (33 kali), ‘Alhamdulillah’ (33 kali)

dan ‘Allahuakbar’ (33 kali) pada setiap malam isitu sebelum melelapkan


Lakukanlah dengan penuh ikhlas dan istiqamah (berterusan) , Insya-

Allah petunjuk Nabawi ini mampu menyelesaikan bebanan-bebanan hidup seharian

kita. Akan terserlah ceria di wajah pada keesokan hari dengan


‘Sebarkanlah ajaranku walau satu ayat pun’ (Sabda Rasulullah SAW)

‘Nescaya Allah memperbaiki bagimu amalan-amalanmu dan mengampuni bagimu

dosa-dosamu. Dan barangsiapa mentaati Allah dan Rasul-Nya, maka

sesungguhnya ia telah mendapat kemenangan yang besar.’

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