muffins i would never forget

29 Mar

I have been craving for chocolate muffins for a long time. Everytime i see them, i will be stuck in a dilemma of whether i should eat it or not because it might not be halal. So of course i continue on my quest  for halal muffins.

Oh during the social workers day symposium, there were alot of  apple and nut muffins simply delicious! But nothing beats chocolate right 😉

The last time i had the most delicious chocolate muffins was in London. Well i bought it there but i ate it at the train station in Finland.


Tampere Airport

I reached Finland from London (met lovely Eli there) at 11plus. The Tampere airport closes after our flight landed so i cant spend the night there nor can i get a train back to Lappeenranta (my town).

So i took this shuttle bus just like most people to the train station. I had a friend from the trip; we met on the way to London and on the way back. She was going quite far north where she lives, an eight hour train ride – which explains why there was a night train for her so she will reach in the morning.


Tampere train station – 12.30am.

I on the other hand, did not have a direct train to my town so it complicated things even more. The earliest train back was 4.40am. It was 12am. An almost 5 hour wait is no joke when you’re all alone and the train station looked like it was about to close. I was afraid the station officers would think i was a homeless girl just trying to sleep in the train station so i exited the station into the cold freezing night. Furthermore, i didn’t want to miss the train if the doors weren’t unlocked at 4.40am.

It was kind of the worst decision i made based on my guts. *i always thought i could trust my guts but it failed me this once*

Let me give you a picture of the train station.

Entrance ———–> train station(enclosed area) ————–>stairs to platforms (open area) ————->platforms

(entered with my friend at 12am and stayed inside till they started closing the station)

The words in red was where i was for the 5 hours.

Tampere train station – 1.30am.

I walked up and down for a while looking for the best place to rest (i.e) just sit and wait for my train. *couldn’t wait to get home* I climbed the long flight of stairs up to the platform and looked around. No one really except a few train technician and cargo train people. Lonely, tired, hungry, sleepy…*also wanted to jamaa’ my prayer of maghrib and Isyak*

I found a few card boards to sit on because the place was quite dirty.

I relieved myself of my heavy bags onto the card boards and sat on the steps. Being trained by my sister-in-law when i travel, there is always some snacks/ fruits/ chocolate with me. Being Muslim means not being able to eat most of the food around. Before i left London, i bought a packet of chocolate muffins which i thought was ok to consume just based on the ingredients.

The food and drinks i had with me has to last till i reached Finland.

The chill of the night could be felt in my bones. *luckily i wasn’t as skinny as i am now* I had on a winter coat but i was still freezing. I thought to myself, pacing up and down would help to warm myself but it was of little use. Time was ticking slower than a snail would move.

I sat down. Got up, laid my sejadah and prayed my prayers. After that I had to do something right? I bought a soduku book from the airport with whatever pounds and pence i had left. I decided to do a few puzzles but my fingers were freezing and it felt like it would really stop moving if i didn’t hide them in my jacket. I tried writing my travel journal as well but my hand writing was hideous.

From my travel journal ~

“I am sitting alone on the step leading to platform 4 where my train would arrive in a few hours. I am so so so cold. My fingers would freeze soon. I just prayed Maghrib and Isyak here. The station closes at 1 am,” I wrote on the 16th September 2008 at 1.30am.

Time crawled with little activity. It became colder and colder, i didnt know what else to do to warm myself up.

The Sainsbury chocolate muffins was the highlight of the gloomy morning i had to spend alone, waiting for my train home. It was super-licious!

I thought of what my family would be doing. I thought of why did i put myself in this situation. I thought of a lot of things.

Men frequently walked up and down the stairs going about their work with the trains.

Tampere train station – 4 am.

I heard the screech of the trains. I jumped up, lugged my backpack and climbed the stairs slowly for fear of losing my balance after sitting for so long. Imagine my joy when i realised it was my train! Trains do arrive earlier for some servicing and stuff. Only God knew how badly i yearn for the warmth only the train could offer me then. Hopped onto the train and found myself a seat amongst many sleeping people.

The good thing is one can buy the ticket on the train for the same price 🙂

It took a really long time for my body to be rid of the freezing cold of the morning air.

I prayed my subuh while sitting down in the chugging train at 5 plus when the train was on its way to my next train change.


Tikkurilla train station – 6.30 am

Waited another hour before my next train back to Lappeenranta. Home sweet home 🙂

I reached Lappeenranta at 9 am.


It was the kind of cold i would never forget. *shivers*


2 Responses to “muffins i would never forget”

  1. iq March 30, 2010 at 7:29 am #

    Nice story sayang 🙂

    I’m amazed you didnt fall asleep… I would have, definitely. And airports > train stations.

    need a hug?

    • parv~.~ April 3, 2010 at 1:20 pm #

      yep yep! =p *into the hug bill* hehe

      And yea airports are definitely safer, more comfortable and less lonely compared to train stations 🙂

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