mishmash ^^

11 Apr

Look at the little hearts on the cream and on the cupcake 🙂

There was also tepung gomak which according to *I* was bitter…

And the one coated in chocolate is the malay keropok. I thought it was rather creative.

There was someone making roti jala on the spot. Cool eh?


Next up, Mr banana! I love him! So cute and cuddly *if only he was bigger* *small sigh*

I love bananas like crazy! Speaking of which, i should go grab one to munch on now 🙂 *here i come banana*

I should have taken a picture of 3 little stickers stuck to my table – pictures of banana doing different stuff, taken from real bananas bought from the supermarket.


Lastly, presenting to you the yummy, Chocolate snowflakes 🙂

I had a wonderful time sharing this with *ahem* *wink* thank you sayang!

Had more delicious nutella cake when i came home.

I better watch my sugar intake! Ciao people!


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