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A few random shots III

30 Jun


A few random shots II

29 Jun

A few random shots over the past week(s)

28 Jun

Taken from near the Student Service Centre

a day flying kite ~~

20 Jun

We were playing captain’s frisbee! Hehe…well for the sake of privacy of the young ‘uns’ i shall stop at this photo…

Our Kite! 🙂

I think this looks amazing, the sun setting…

another of paint-fun!

19 Jun

It was held over 2 consequtive wednesdays, the youths were required to draw their drafts then copy it onto canvas followed by painting them. I was amazed at their talents, they draw quite well i think. One of the youths suggested the interns had to do paintings as well, with them. So my canvas is also there, make a guess which 🙂 *i think a person who knows me well enough should be able to make a good guess*

Youth network @ NCSS

18 Jun

These are long overdue photos…youth network which occurred on the 11 June 2010

It was definitely worthwhile to attend these youth networks as it helps to reignite the social work fire in me.

*cant upload more photos for fear of copyright infringement and to protect the privacy of minors 🙂

another island to visit ~~

16 Jun

Guess where this was taken 🙂 *on a late saturday morning*

Too busy eating grandma’s delicious nasi briyani, he didnt bother to look up at the photographer.

Spectacular view aint it?

Walking to the bridge…

He wasnt dressed for the beach, so he cant be tarzan 😉

The wind was so super strong!


Controversial issues

6 Jun

I find this topic very interesting…something which has been going on for a long time.

Some girls are asking to be raped when they go out scantily clad, red rag to the bull.

Are they sensible to keep themselves safe on a night out?

Is it safe to go back with someone who you’ve met?

Is it giving out your right to say no when it goes beyond their limit, when you invite a man home?

Should the man always take the 100% blame for rape?

Where do i get these? From a podcast of LBC 97.3 (London’s Biggest Conversation)

Listen to it here 🙂  (just the first fifteen minutes of so)


Another discussion about university issues: pressure youths feel to enter university and the debt that they accumulate by the time they finish university…to be successful, you have to go to University? Was it the recession which pushed the youths to go to University? There is an unspoken rule, if you get to University – you can get a job you like…

Listen to it here 🙂

p.s i love the British accent 😉

I personally think i’ve been successfully brainwashed by society and family that i have to go to University if i want to be successful. I didnt even know what i wanted to do until a year before i entered Uni. But that was because I had some extra years to think about it…i guess it is pretty normal to not know what you want to do at a tender age.


In the same podcast…at 29.00 minute

The real reason to wear hijab is to attract as little attention as possible…

What then is the funky hijab all about? Fashionable hijab; headbands, accesorize and customising their clothes.  According to Yana from Hijabstyle, in London, young muslim women are already attracting more attention because they look different from other.

Is it a contradiction on its own?

Centralised trend – Fashion would connect people?______________________________________________________________________

Do listen to more podcasts from LBC 🙂

A quick get-away :)

5 Jun

While waiting for the others to come along…took a few pics of the Changi Jetty.

On the ferry to our destination, i wasnt excited and not all that ready to cycle all the way like my sup planned to do :S

And here we come Pulau Ubin!

There was this chinese festival going on, i think there are only Chinese living there – they are rather tanned-looking. Oh not to worry my Muslim friends, there is a stall (nearest to the jetty) which sells halal food by Malay people.


Our first destination was Maman campsite which wasnt that challenging but i was exhausted already 🙂

It might look kinda nice but dont be decieved, there were alot of huge dragonfly around and other insects in the sand.

And off we went towards Chek Java! Super challenging trail including earth trail…

Presenting to you……*drum roll* Chek Java*

Shall say it was worth it, the view was beautiful…and i thought how it would be nice if he was with me…hehe*snap* back to the story, we just went to the visitor centre because we were running out of time and we had to go recci other routes.

Cute cottage huh!

On the way from Chek Java, we caught sight of turquoise water! Just simply beautiful 🙂 I never thought i’d see turquoise water besides Mostar…hehe guess i was wrong 😉

Last stop was Nordin Campsite! Quite an easy route but we were so exhausted, an easy route was also challenging. We even took a wrong turn on the way back…wish i could fly back :S


Back at the centre, there was baking going on. This youth made cookies which actually got stuck to one another because her portions were too big but a volunteer shaped it and made it look like a fat gingerbread man 🙂 Cute huh! hehe

two words – light on the tongue, heavy on the scales

2 Jun

Came across this blogpost and decided to link it here 🙂

This is linked to the video is really like…shall embed it.

A man who never used to pray, walked into the Masjid one day.

He never prayed, but thought on this friday, “Let me just go to Jummuah and see what’s there.”

When he walked in, he heard the Imam say,

“There are two words, easy on the tongues, but heavy on the scales on the Day of Judgement, and are beloved by Ar-Rahman: subahanallah wa bihamdihi subahanallahil adheem”

The man who never used to pray was awestruck by this comment and remained for the rest of the khutbah.

After the salah, he went straight to the Imam and asked him if ‘those words’ were true.

The Imam, befuddled by the question, asked which ‘words,’ in particular, since the khutbah had many words in it.

The man said, “You know, something like, ‘habeebatan, khafeefatan, Ar-Rahman…’” (“two beloveds, two lights, The Ever-Merciful”).

The Imam responded affirmatively and said, “Ah yes, from the hadith of the Prophet PBUH, he said…..”

The man who never prayed, interrupted and asked him, “These were the words of the Prophet ?!”

The Imam confirmed, but then was interrupted again by the man…

“Are you sure, these were the words of the Prophet ?!”

The man just couldn’t believe that these beautiful words came from the Prophet PBUH, he was in utter disbelief.

After another confirmation, and reconfirmation, again the man, standing shaken, asked once again,

“The Prophet Muhammad PBUH ?!”

The Imam, now awed at the man’s disbelief could only answer once more, as he had before…yes.

That night, the man who never used to pray, went home and gathered his family.

He then asked them,

“Have you heard…?  …that there are two words….that are light on the tongues….and heavy on the scales…and are beloved to Ar-Rahman? 

They are: subahanallah wa bihamdihi, wa subahanallahil adheem!”

After that moment, the man resolved himself, and his family, to take up the five daily prayers….religiously, in the truest sense. 

The man who never used to pray, went on to inform his entire family, asking each of them, “have you heard…that there are two words….that are light on the tongues….heavy on the scales…and are beloved to Ar-Rahman? 

They are: subahanallah wa bihamdihi, wa subahanallahil adheem!”

That man then asked everyone he worked with, “have you heard…that there are two words….that are light on the tongues….heavy on the scales…and are beloved to Ar-Rahman? 

They are: subahanallah wa bihamdihi, wa subahanallahil adheem!”

In every street, in every path, at every gathering, at any chance, the man, who never used to pray, asked the people, “have you heard…that there are two words….that are light on the tongues….heavy on the scales…and are beloved to Ar-Rahman? 

They are: subahanallah wa bihamdihi, wa subahanallahil adheem!”

…This man, had no idea that these few gatherings would be the last of his life, and so when he was on his final death bed, and the agonies of death overtook him, as he was going in and out of consciousness…his loved ones surrounded him.

When he awoke, he would have his last moments with his family, only to faint back into the final stages of his death.

The doctor came in and lifted his hand to feel the pulse on his wrist. 

As he did so, the man who never used to pray, awoke again, this time, to see a strange face, a man who who he had never met before in his life. 

So he asked the doctor,

“have you heard…that there are two words….”