A quick get-away :)

5 Jun

While waiting for the others to come along…took a few pics of the Changi Jetty.

On the ferry to our destination, i wasnt excited and not all that ready to cycle all the way like my sup planned to do :S

And here we come Pulau Ubin!

There was this chinese festival going on, i think there are only Chinese living there – they are rather tanned-looking. Oh not to worry my Muslim friends, there is a stall (nearest to the jetty) which sells halal food by Malay people.


Our first destination was Maman campsite which wasnt that challenging but i was exhausted already 🙂

It might look kinda nice but dont be decieved, there were alot of huge dragonfly around and other insects in the sand.

And off we went towards Chek Java! Super challenging trail including earth trail…

Presenting to you……*drum roll* Chek Java*

Shall say it was worth it, the view was beautiful…and i thought how it would be nice if he was with me…hehe*snap* back to the story, we just went to the visitor centre because we were running out of time and we had to go recci other routes.

Cute cottage huh!

On the way from Chek Java, we caught sight of turquoise water! Just simply beautiful 🙂 I never thought i’d see turquoise water besides Mostar…hehe guess i was wrong 😉

Last stop was Nordin Campsite! Quite an easy route but we were so exhausted, an easy route was also challenging. We even took a wrong turn on the way back…wish i could fly back :S


Back at the centre, there was baking going on. This youth made cookies which actually got stuck to one another because her portions were too big but a volunteer shaped it and made it look like a fat gingerbread man 🙂 Cute huh! hehe


2 Responses to “A quick get-away :)”

  1. iq June 6, 2010 at 6:56 am #

    Weather and scenery looks very nice! And you look so serious on your bike… tired face? 😦

    Cute gingerbread man too 🙂

  2. ad June 7, 2010 at 10:08 pm #

    wow it look nice shall stop on tat little island soon insyallah haha tis time i will play “dirty” hahaha

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