mish mash ~~ (the webbed layout of my brain)

7 Jul

Indeed it is sad to know of so many broken families. Each has a different stories. Each affecting the child differently. Each child coping with different difficulties. Each child utilising different tools to manage their lives be it…

Do we actually know what a normal family means or is there such thing as a normal family?

It makes me wonder if i am abnormal because the way i think sometimes can vary so much from others. Why is it i know how to include people and care so much about how i treat people, expecially new comers but others are so oblivious to this? Well does it matter so much? Haha i personally think so, our social interaction is very important but perhaps it is only me.

Lastly, someone said to me before that i can effortlessly make others tell me things which are private to them. (hopefully you know who you are) I think it happened again yesterday and it wasnt one of the people i was working with to get information out of them but someone i met a few weeks ago and we just talk occasionally. The person started sharing when we were chatting.


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