Oh I got married!

24 Jul

I forgot to publish a very important event in my life…

Change of status

Change of lifestyle

Change of life activities

Change of life happenings

Change of life’s people ( hehe people in life and its not change but adding loads more people into the category called relatives)

Another beautiful expression comes from the Sunna:

بارك الله لكم‏ وبارك عليكم وجمع بينكما في خير
barak Allahu lakum wa barak ‘aleikum wa jama’ bainakuma fi khair.

May Allah bless you, surround you with blessings, and bring you both together in virtue and prosperity

May Allah (SWT) place Love and Mercy between your hearts and make you and your wife amoungst the (blessed) couples walking through the gates of Junnah.



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