Getting married young

29 Sep

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In this article we will see what the positives and negatives of getting married at a young age as Muslims.


  • The husband and wife will be able to protect themselves from all the temptations that surround them. At a young age, temptation levels are at their peak and it is generally very hard to control one’s desires. This should be one of the top reasons for getting married young. This is also the age when the sex drive of the males is at its peak, and women have their highest levels of confidence, so this would be the best time to enjoy one another the most.
  • The couple will be able to grow together through good and hard times, and be a support for one another throughout their lives.
  • Younger people can adapt easily to changing environments and it’s easier for them to break bad habits as compared to people who are older. This can help the two to persevere throughout their relationship as they grow older and can live together as a happy couple.
  • Getting married young brings about responsibility and maturity at a much younger age. Both the wife and husband become more mature and responsible and settle into their roles. Also younger couples develop a love for each other and are generally more helpful with the other’s chores and responsibilities; they see each other as supporting roles in the relationship instead of concrete defined roles of a husband and wife.
  • Marrying young also has the benefit of having children early, making it easier for the couple to raise them since they themselves will be young and full of energy and will be able to relate to their children more. The couple’s parents can also enjoy playing with their grandchildren a lot longer as they will still be in their 40’s or 50’s.


  • Sometimes when people are too young and not mature enough and they don’t know what they want, they end up with a divorce very soon after getting married. Also at a young age people’s emotions tend to override their rationale and this leads to many divorces within younger marriages.
  • Hard financial times can also put a damper on a relationship, as young married couples cannot cope with the responsibility and break under the financial pressures. This is also a major factor in young couples getting divorces.
  • Younger couples have certain expectations sexually, and if they are not met they tend to be very emotional and are quick to break apart instead of trying to resolve these issues.
  • Parents can also get too involved in the relationship of the married couple as they feel that they are too young and treat them like children. Believe it or not, if the young couple doesn’t set boundaries from the beginning, then their marriage can be in jeopardy due to their own parents.
  • Finishing school can be very difficult and therefore having a strong footing in the long term can also be very difficult. Many couples face the difficulty of having to pay bills while both are not earning enough due to school, which can cause them to seek employment rather than finish school, leading to a life of mediocrity in the long run.

Muslim Harmony – Advice Central Team


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