arab. school. adilah. baby. amongst others.

19 Oct

Im blogging despite the tons of stuff i got to do. I dont see the point in blogging if im just complaining as well 🙂

My arabic is not doing well. Sometimes i do regret taking level 3. Like i should have tried taking french level one or something then might be able to do better, at least i expect it to be simpler. My love for the arabic language is too deep, but my grades kind of take precedence here. I sit there in class feeling like the lousiest student there who the lecturer calls on to answer because he pities me and is giving me a chance. Sometimes when i know what my friend doesnt, i tell myself, actually im not bad what, how can the test tell me im a lousy arabic student? How dare the test?  ok i shall stop 🙂

I have a presentation this week and next and i said i would compile, i wonder why. I, just like others in uni, prefers our previous institutions, whether polytechnic or Junior college. Those were the good times! yay!

Before i know it, i would be able to smell the fragrance of exams.

Adilah, i wanted to tag on your blog but your tagboard didnt appear:

Why never ask me to go with you for the movie? I would have loved to watch with you!!! Not that i think you mind being alone but i wanted to watch it as well. I think Iq would happily send me off to watch with you as its not his kind of movie 😉  *a relief for him*

Oh well! I need to do something, settle it! Dont know when we’ll have the time.

The little baby boy is doing great! He is a cutie pie 🙂 hehe smells of milk though and so does his mama. I realised he likes to be rocked.


One Response to “arab. school. adilah. baby. amongst others.”

  1. ad October 19, 2010 at 1:40 pm #

    i learn arabic more thn 6 yrs but nth go inside my head also, my grandpa teach me tamil for as long he lived all i knw is eat, drink, seat & learn tis frm reyas PODA.. hahaha..

    well i tot of trying smth diff tats y i didnt ask,

    & of course he is a cutie pie he so cheeky 🙂 Hmm wondering hw abt urs???

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