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i wonder…

24 Nov

how does one find the motivation and mood to study for an open book exam? No need to memorize 🙂

I think revising is quite boring but uh…i do past year papers as well, i kinda have to force myself to do it but im doing it slowly. What if someone who doesnt study but still managed a B- and i also get a B-. Isnt that unfair? Oh well, since when is life fair. Honestly it has been good to me so far, Alhamdulilah. So i shall be thankful!

I still miss my busy busy friends.

I am looking forward to the a nice, lovely holiday.

I am actually halfway through a question and felt the urge to blog….so i shall get back! byebye

Oh i miss Eli too! (mentally reminding myself to sent her a fb msg)

Lastly, i think i should change tudung kind/material so that it doenst need ironing…


Eid Al-adha

18 Nov

Fun filled day? Maybe…

Did feel a little more of a special hari raya haji to me. 

Because i am married. *And happy to be, Alhamdulilah.*

Because i have more grandmothers (parents) to visit.

Because i have so much more food to binge on; idiyapam (putu mayam) with chicken curry for breakfast. At grandma number 2’s house, we had nasi ambeng for lunch – brinjal, urap (vegetable dish), fried kampung chicken with suronding, bergedel with meat, lemak (coconut gravy) with chicken and i cant remember anymore. At grandmo number 3’s house, we couldnt take it anymore so we waited till dinner time to bedal! hehe i love my grandma’s food 🙂 chicken dam briyani with lots of variety as usual. Sadly i didnt get to eat lopez and pulut hitam which was a hit that it finished before dinner time.

Mingled with cousins and relative and looked at old 1960’s photos. Should have done more mingling than i did *mental note* watched Santosh Subramaniam again, nice movie 🙂 I didnt tear again though. I thought of my close friends, how he recommended me the movie because i know he liked it as it appeared to him like his own love life. I miss my friends but now all i will do about that is look at old photos or rely on my memories of them and a small smile would form on my lips just being happy with memories. Maybe that is why old people like to hold onto memories for they are much sweeter and perhaps reflected a perfect experience. *we only remember the good parts*

Perhaps i should have captured more photos of the day but maybe not.


13 Nov
Recently came across this blog and thought it was a great read 🙂 Hope you guys find it interesting as well!
Marriage is one the most complex and unique insititutions that has been practiced since the dawn of time, in almost every society and culture, and yet it still perplexes the modern man! No matter how much one reads, or how much someone tries there is no perfect formula that can guarantee us the perfect relationship. Nevertheless with “hardship comes ease” (Holy Quran/ Sura Inshirah 5) and we must keep trekking for one reason or another.

those were the days

1 Nov

I have 5 days of school. This is something we discuss with one another, complain about coming back to school on their OFF day for project meetings. :S Oh well, i would say, at least you have an OFF day, i dont!

Every Monday, school is only from 0800 to 1000 but no, i almost never go home after that to catch up on lost sleep. If it isnt this project meeting, it is the other. *sigh* And they usually last a long time!

Today was no exception, i had a project meeting from 10.30 to 1pm. After that super tiring meeting, brain power used up, i walked slowly towards the bus stop for my ride home.

I just suddenly thought of my time in Finland. No matter what happened there, i still have pleasant memories. I yearn for that time because i was so free to do as i wish! It is not that i cant here, but there is just not enough time for fun when we spend all the time working and studying. And when you do have the time, you’d just have to go to sleep because you too tired.  😦

I didnt need to worry about earning money, though i still do budget alot. I was so free, enjoyed my days watching movies and planning my trips, amidst going to school which is so close by i can walk there and the weather so pretty and cooling. Dont remember feeling so stressed i could burst, like i do now.

Those days are over…

Maybe all i need now is a sister!

Because this article on the NY times said having a sister will make me a happier person 🙂

Haha! My lecturer shared this in class and he said that he might be a happier person if he had a sister! It was funny in class…

From the NY Times:

…….These findings are no fluke; other studies have come to similar conclusions. But why would having a sister make you happier?

The usual answer — that girls and women are more likely than boys and men to talk about emotions — is somehow unsatisfying, especially to a researcher like me. Much of my work over the years has developed the premise that women’s styles of friendship and conversation aren’t inherently better than men’s, simply different.

A man once told me that he had spent a day with a friend who was going through a divorce. When he returned home, his wife asked how his friend was coping. He replied: “I don’t know. We didn’t talk about it.”

His wife chastised him. Obviously, she said, the friend needed to talk about what he was going through………. NY times online