the start of our journey in Africa ~~ Cairo

21 Dec
Looking angry? hehe cute little boy i missed so much on the trip


Big family! Another bro taking photo :)Christmas Decorations around the transit area


Christmas decorations in transit area

 And it was so late, we entered the transit area. I was already so sleepy at the beginning and we havent even started our journey!

I did have a rather long day starting at 9am for an exam then off to buy lunch, met my grandaunt and decided to sit with her at Fork and Spoon. Packed up all my exam stuff, i love the feeling i get from packing them all up high in the cupboard so they are out of my sight, hehe…I moved on to more packing, this time of the clothes and things for the impending trip. Everything was nicely packed by 5pm when hubby came home. Checklist for last minute stuff! Off to the airport. But oh no, my day is so not over…

We found some lounging chairs around and rest for a while before it was time to board the plane.

We watched movies instead of sleeping on the plane!

Reached Dubai in maybe 5 hours? Not sure with the time difference and grogginess i couldnt count straight. It was 3plus in Dubai. Soon enough time to pray Subuh there, the airport was familiar, the same one i was at a year ago. Prayed and rest while waiting for another plane.

the first of the many sunrise we’d witness on our journey


Egyptian Sweets Sweet Aunty S bought for desserts 🙂

 Soon enough, after another 3 hours plus, we were in Cairo International airport…no photos were taken because i was too tired and i was overwhelmed by the crowd and the noise. Typical Cairo where people are talking loudly, its not wrong but just their nature. Aunty S and Uncle F arranged someone for us at the airport who did everything from visas to immigration so quickly.

The problem is no one can rush the baggage out and because ours is transit, i believe the dubai luggages came out earlier then singapore luggages.
Waiting for the luggage is the disorganised and busy airport full of people was intimidating and scary i started to perspire.
Safely outside, met aunty S and uncle F! So relieved to finally see a familiar face and in safe hands. Off to her wonderful home where we had time to refresh and delicious lunch of grilled chicken, lasagne and salad followed by dessert 🙂
Then off to the Ramses train station(different from Giza train station which is also in Cairo but Giza area) to get tickets but couldnt get any and was asked to return the next day. Uncle F was the one who spoke to the people and tried to get us tickets.
Next stop was the Mosque of Hussein which is near Khan El-Khalil Bazaar which you can see with the crowds of people. In Ramadhan, which is greatly celebrated, the area of the bazaar would be packed, even more so than now, with throngs of people. I cant imagine and dont wish to, now itself, it is so crowded. Ramadhan is a time to celebrate and Eid is just celebrated mediocrely accorind to aunty and uncle.
This was when i started to fall in love with the Egyptian lamps! I like the coloured ones =D
That is uncle E in the foreground.
We had to make a last stop at the travel agency to confirm the next lap of our journey in 2 days time. Uncle bargained for us as usual and confirmed everything and we headed home.
We get to sleep alas on this comfy bed in the pleasant room aunty prepared for us! We lasted that long! weeee!  


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