Day II – Cairo

22 Dec

 After breakfast and getting our sleeper train ticket for the next day, guess where we went?

 From Cairo to Giza area (Giza is in Cairo just that the pyramids are pretty much on its own).

It was the similar surreal feeling when seeing the pyramids for the first time, just like the Eiffel tower. Am i really here? hehe no im back home in Singapore 🙂

My first comments were, wow its so huge! when the car was slowly climbing uphill to where it was.

Then we went further away from it to take nice pictures with all three pyramid of Cheops, Chephren and Menkaure. However, weather was not very happy with its cool wind breezing by and swirling the sand up into the air and the air was just too hazy. We tried but the smallest pyramid was just too far away.

Aunty and uncle wanted to bring us to touch the pyramids, which was the next stop but was disappointed to discover it cordoned due to an incident which happened recently. Someone supposedly climbed too high and was afraid to come down after so a helicopter had to be called in to bring him down. Sounds dumb but it does happen. 

I remember during a school camp there was a boy who was so scared to jump down after climbing a high element that he just stood there frozen for like 30 minutes i think. Until he mastered enough courage to jump down.

Before going to visit these ancient monument, i was reading as to whether we should enter the pyramid, at least one of them. We have to pick and choose what we want to do because we definitely cannot afford to do everything which would burn a hole in our pockets. I read forums where people complained about being claustrophobic when crawling in (yea, it is a very narrow passageway which leads to a small empty room). I am guessing it is empty because all the tombs and stuff there has been emptied to be placed in the museum where it is protected. And Uncle F also shared an amusing story of someone who insisted that he wants to enter the biggest pyramid but gave up after experiencing the smallest one. Tourists want to do the craziest thing!

They used to have the sounds and lights show at the pyramids at night and even concerts, the last i heard was Kylie Minogue’s concert there and supposedly they dont want anymore events there as the lights and sounds would affect the preservation of the pyramids.



#1 Police on camel, its a different type of camel.

#2 the typical shot

#3 Us with our host and hostess with the pyramids in the background, all 3 of them!

#4 Nice shot with good lighting, by my hubby of course

#5 Actually the camel ride is supposed to be for hubby only but Uncle E asked me to join him so i did, its the same price anyway

#6The camel ride was so scary because it was so close to the edge! Haha Uncle said that it looks more of a frightened hug on the camel then a romantic one 😉 It is especially scary when the camel sits or tries to stand.

A few photos after, you can see the all famous Sphinx

To fill our hungry tummies, over to Felfela for our egyptian lunch…the decoration of the place is really interesting.



Egyptian Museum was up next but unfortunately no photos can be captured as it is not allowed. We even entered the mummies gallery where we saw quite scary, with hair and fingernails etc.

I wanted to see inside the Al-Azhar Mosque, one of the oldest mosque in the world. I watched a video which showed this mosque and i felt i must see it.



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