Day III – Cairo

23 Dec

    Checking out the many decoration items in the shelf of the nicely decorated home of our kind hosts.

We had delicious breakfast and interesting discussion which caused us to be a little late to start the day’s sightseeing.

The citadel which is in fact a mosque with the shrine of Mohamed Ali Pasha inside but at the very back of the huge mosque you see below. It is also part of a fortress type building. 



#1 Hubby at the entrance where there will always be security checks, they have become very strict for the safety of tourists.

#2 With the front of great mosque

#3 With Aunty S at the back of the great mosque

#4 The fountain which doesnt have water for abulation anymore, hubby went somewhere else to take abulation.

#5 Us 4! People wanted to join us for our photos =p

#6 People walking about carrying their shoes with them because no one leaves it outside for fear of it being stolen by others. And i realised they are not strict with tourist’s dressings like the mosque in Abu Dhabi where even the tudung ladies have to be draped in a long black abaya and shayla if they arent veiled. It is like that, from my understanding if the mosque is no more a mosque but some people pray there in a designated area nearer to the front of the big mosque. It is an active mosque, not just for tourists.

#7 Aunty S and I, i think she looks more like my cousin right 🙂 hehe anyway, we are standing in front of there the imam would climb up to the mimbar to give the khutbah. Many parts of the mosque are still being restored and i think this one has been restored totally as it looks brand new with its vibrant green colour.

#8 View of Cairo maybe, from the fortress 🙂

#9 Need i say more about this?

 Old Cairo area with Churches, Synagogues and mosques


And then we visited the oldest mosque in Egypt! It is huge and quite empty at the time of our visit. Are there just too many mosques there.


Had lunch at a mall this time, Lebanese cuisine 🙂 Delicious as it was recommended by Aunty S.


Our train ride at 7pm all the way down the nile to Aswan, a city of Feluccas!

We had a nice time chatting with aunty and uncle waiting for the train. They had such amusing stories! Below you can see how small the room for 2 was and guess the price? 60 USD per person! Toilet was outside and was the typical dirty egyptian train toilet. Price includes dinner before sleeping and breakfast. Normal standard food. A little lower than airplane food. Oh well, we at least managed a good night’s rest as we got to sleep horizontally. I felt the chugging of the train lulling me to deep slumber.


We arrived safely at Aswan the next morning at 9.30 am. Trains in Egypt leave on time but arrival can be off the estimated time.


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