the limping cat

3 Jan

I was on my way somewhere when i caught sight of this little cat limping as it walked. I wanted to help but didnt move to help. I wonder if anyone felt like i did before, it is like you want to do something but you dont know how even though you know you ought to do something.

Example: You’re in a train and an old man walks in and you know its right to give up your seat but you’re just too tired to give it up.

Example 2:  You’re caught in a situation where you notice this person fall down or dropped something but you just stand there staring instead of helping. Expecting others to help maybe.

As i was telling you about the cat which appears to have an injured limb as it was limping but i didnt do anything. Hopefully a kind soul sees it and tends to its injury. My mind wandered to how we as human are lucky to be able to help ourselves. If we are injured, we go complaining to a loved one; mother, brother, father etc.  We can even put medicine on our own and perhaps bandage it up. Where can an injured cat go to be treated? How does it treat itself, except licking its wound?

just thinking out loud 🙂

😦 for the cat

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