Why do i dread school?

11 Jan

Honestly, deep down i think i know why. But im not saying because it would make me admit it.

The beginning is quite a lot of work, is this module manageable or not? And that is not it, whether to buy the textbook or not? Should i buy from the bookshop (Co-op) first hand? Should i buy from other students? Should i buy from buyback textbooks?

I chose the middle option, of course i still had to go to Co-op to find out the price for i shall not play the role of the blur student who didnt realise he/she was being doped. Turned out it is not much difference, new book $37. Second hand book $30(she/he is giving me solutions too). There are cheaper offers but not available anymore, see how competitive (a.k.a kiasu) people are? It is only the second day of school and most of the good offers are gone! When did they start buying the books? I only successfully bid for all my modules on Friday. *sigh*

Like a crazy person, i smsed all the people who ‘advertised’ with good offers and one by one i received bad news.

Attended my first lesson of this semester, was the first Seminar type module. Pretty cool lecturer who was a lawyer before he taught. Made my first friend in class, she has another friend so i guess, it is back to the friend making game during class next week.

I guess i chose to have it this way, so that i take the modules i want because i like it and not because my friends are taking it too. That idea just dont really appeal to me. Having friends in class is nice but im the kind who will bolt as soon as lecture is over so no time to stand around and chit chat, stroll slowly to the bus stop, stop for the toilet on the way, sorry just cant stand wasting time like that when class ends at 6pm, worse still, 8pm.


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