a not so interesting day

13 Jan

I walked towards School of Business through School of Computing and tried to look for Biz 1 where i was supposed to spot a REEDS CAFE which i had no idea where. He mentioned Mochtar Riady building, which i heard was the new building but didnt exactly know where either since the first time i had to go to Business for lecture was the day before and it was like a mini maze, yes almost all of nus is a mini maze – up the really long flight of stairs and turn through this way and down the stairs and around this….

So eventually i reached the REEDS CAFE when i was looking for the Library entrance which he said he was close-by. I called him and

he said: REEDS CAFE? ok i will be there in 30 seconds (and i saw a guy with a paper bag which i guess contains the book soon enough).

he: Hi, im…(didnt catch the name as i was just catching my breath from walking around business like a lost lamb while i can feel my stomach begging for food)

me: hi, do you have change for $50?

he: i dont think so, i just have $14…maybe you can change at the cafe?

me: ok, would they change?

he: yea…they should

me: they said they cant change

he: ok then i’ll get the potato chips and you pay for it with the $50 and i will give you the $2.50

me:ok, (it was a really small packet of chips)

he: so you’re not from business?

me: nope from Arts

he: so why are you taking this module?

me: it is my SS (Singapore studies)module

he: you’re taking stats for SS?

me: uh….its for my breadth (at last it came out after a long pause as i sieve through my memory…it was there but couldnt say it)

he: its ok, i have to go for lesson now…can you give me your email address so that i can send the solutions to you

me: ok, i can sms you

he: oh yea…bye.

I walked to the bus stop with a fazed look on my face wondering why i just tend to be so blur sometimes. Took a bus back to arts because i was so tired of walking around business looking for the place. You see, it made sense to my brain that i was in business so i am buying the business module textbook from him and that is the one i take for my SS. But im going to buy that book from another person the next day at Arts and what i bought from him was a Science module textbook. See how the mind was confused? I wasnt blur, my mind was playing tricks on me.


I was heading to science for a lesson but i havent had anything for lunch so i rushed to the malay stall at Arts canteen and bought goreng pisang and epok-epok. Headed to the bus stop again to get a bus which would take me to science, i sat there filling the tummy which has been begging for food for some time.

Goreng pisang first…then downed the epok-epok. I was suddenly aware of something black lying near the crust of the epok-epok and looked down, to my surprise was a fly! I wrapped it up properly and kept it in my bag, i didnt have time to go back to them and demand for an explanation, nor do i have the energy.

“look at the food when you eat, you might not know it is dirty or…if you are too busy looking elsewhere,” my mother’s voice echoed in my ear.


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