the spread of knowledge

15 Jan

Medicine. Architecture. Measurement. Mathematics. Physics. Chemistry.

Before Islam, science was all over the world but what Islamic scholars did was to put them all together and made sense of them. Discovery of that body of knowledge during the ‘translation’ period where Islamic Scholars tried to get their hands on knowledge from all over the world namely Greece, India and China has made it useful for all. (as said by the host of Arabic science on BBCfour)

From my understanding, books were translated from greek, hieroglyphics and many other languages to arabic by scholars who were thirsty for knowledge.

Islam encourages one to seek knowledge, so let this be the start 🙂

The following series of posts would be on Islamic scholars and their contribution to science that we all learn today and this was inspired by my new interest, Arabic Science by BBCfour. So do check them out!


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