one of the few movies we watch in the cinema

21 Jan

Honestly, i didnt really like the movie very much. Q said it was an ok movie. What was a little different from any other chick-flick was that she has a disease and that make a whole lot of difference. Honestly, having a sick spouse is normal but having a sick gf seems a little too much trouble. Oh well, all’s sweet in the name of love, right? or not…

I think im getting sick of chick-flicks, like at last because of its predictability and stupidty? Perhaps too strong a word but really, boy meets girl, boy woos girl, girl play hard to get, they go on their first date and end up in the bedroom, they fall in love after having sex a few times. The movie cant end like that, there must be a climax to imitate real life so they will create a reason for boy to leave girl or the other way only to chase the other down and live happily ever after.

There werent any other movies which i’d like to watch and we had free tickets. AND i get to eat popcorn! weeee! How i missed eating them.

While walking there, we saw this place which sells pop corn and oh the aroma of popcorn gets to me every single time! However it was quite costly and we dont know of its halal. Q would prefer to think of it as not halal for his own benefit 😉

It is called Garrett Popcorn and we saw it along Citylink Mall.

Below is the popcorn from the cinema, which we got for free! Yay!


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