does everything have to do with the elections?

26 Jan

The sensitive nature of this topic calls for extra careful measures thus it might not be very clear but i would try my best to get the message across.

X said that when s/he wanted the RC’s to help out in some event, they didnt ever so willingly. However, after the elections and political party A (i guess related to the RC’s) lost to political party B (independent party), the RC’s didnt want to help with the event anymore because they ‘wanted to show the residents this is what will happen if they vote for the political party B.

Even though i expect things like that here, it still came as a surprise. Social services can be affected by the politics thus one must be aware of what is going on in the political arena too 🙂

Recently, while reading about property prices, i came across:

“There’s no denying that the recent measures are an election move to placate the public to show that the government is doing something,” says an analyst who wishes to remain anonymous.

Minister Mah confirmed this recently during an interview with the TODAY newspaper.

“If you ask me whether it has got anything to do with the elections, the answer is yes. Everything has got to do with the elections,” he was quoted as saying.

Source: Fit to post

Life is so different now, without me realising it has evolved and now my concerns are so different.

Property prices definitely affect alot of Singaporeans, including myself. While others search for other avenues, others just choose to wait and see. Perhaps the cooling measures might take effect but we have to be patient.

In the movie, HumTum (me and you) the message which the leading actor kept saying throughout the movie was,” Life is a long while.” Is it? And who guranteed you a long while? I feel that my youth is only beginning but it seem to be moving so fast. I look forward to the weekend, and in the blink of an eye, it is over. The question plays in my mind, over and over; is this it? is life supposed to be like that? *gee i sound like im a mid life crisis, only am i not too young to be in such a crisis and too old to be in an identity crisis*

p.s. im quite looking forward to the elections because it is the first time i would be able to exercise my rights to vote.


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