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Unrest in Egypt

30 Jan

Sometimes i really wish i followed up with the news so i’d know what is going on in the world.

Only a while ago i heard about the unrest in Cairo due to the political situation. When we were there, uncle talked to us a little about the government and how Egypt used to be in the past and how it has changed so much because of leaders in the country.

Around 30 minutes ago, i heard on the malay channel on the radio that a few Al-Azhar students are back and they said the unrest was not in all areas but mainly in tahrir and perhaps downtown area. I remember our bus arrived at Tahrir when we returned to Cairo from Siwa. Its a really crowded area especially at night.

From BBC news, i gathered a little more information about the situation in Cairo. Many people are being killed, the army have been called down, a curfew has been made, the police is arresting people…

From Al-jazeera English:

I cant really believe this is happening! We were just there around a month ago and things were well and peaceful. We visited the museum so full of amazing and well-preserved ancient artefacts. It will never be the same again.

From CNN blog:

Egypt’s information ministry announced the shutdown of the Al Jazeera channel in Egypt and the withdrawal of its media license to operate in the country, state-run Nile TV reported Sunday.

– A body was found in front of the country’s interior ministry Sunday morning, but there was no police presence nearby. Meanwhile, military tanks and hundreds of protesters were out on Cairo’s Tahrir Square. No violence was spotted in that area.

– Vandals ripped off the heads off two mummies and tossed relics onto the ground in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum, said Zahi Hawass, secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities. The vandals were arrested and jailed, Hawass said. The museum has stepped up security and is now guarded by Egypt’s army, he said.

– Four people admitted to looting in the Cairo area, according to state-run Nile TV, which aired their confessions.

– People who were trying to protect their property said they are worried about criminal gangs armed with samurai swords, clubs or rifles. Every time a motorcycles drove by, people rushed out to make sure such criminals didn’t stop.

– Ahmed Rehab of the Council of American Islamic Relations said police were absent on Cairo streets. “People are walking around with baseball bats and knives,” Rehab said early Sunday. “We didn’t get any sleep all night.”

– In Alexandria, the scene at hospitals was chaotic. The facilities were short-staffed, and injured protesters said they were not being treated quickly enough.

– At least 31 people have been killed in protests in Alexandria, hospital authorities told CNN Saturday. Earlier, the state-run Nile TV earlier reported that at least 38 people died in the country’s unrest. It was unclear whether the Alexandria deaths were part of that toll.

After reading a few other sources that i understand the gravity of what is going on there now. I really hope aunty and uncle are doing ok there. Ameen.

There are a number of videos and latest updates about what is going on there now on this site.