Eventually we went there :)

25 Feb


Yea we were so ready for a picnic and a whole day of fun! We packed sandwiches and water plus cool drinks. At the entrance, the lady asked Mr Q what it was that he was carrying and said we werent allowed to bring in outside food.

Urm, ok…so i had to go out back. She said we can keep them in the lockers. We sauntered to the lockers with unwilling hearts only to discover it costs $2 per hour, $4 for 2 hours, $6 for 3 hours, $10 for more i think and the whole day. What do you expect right?  We were still in Singapore after all and nothing is FREE or CHEAP.

Thus, we decided to eat our lunch, it being 11.30am and almost lunch time anyway. We got to a shady area behind that big fat green rabbit on display and munched on our sandwiches, drank a whole bottle of water. We transferred the rest of the food into the backpack and non food items into the carry on bag, just in case they checked again. We dont have to lie 🙂 We also went to another ticket scanner, who surprisingly didnt ask what was in the bags. If only we knew!

Nothings loss so its ok 🙂

Off we went snapping photos and enjoying the rides all around!


 The roller coaster rides were a whole lot of fun!!! The blue one was ‘funner’ as there were the 360 degrees twist! I did feel a little weak after it but i didnt even tell Mr Q or he would not allow me to go on other rides. There were two other roller coasters but not that scary.

And then, guess where we went next?

Ancient Egypt where we revisted some of the pharoahs of Egypt who recognised us from our visit there to their homeland. We so haughtily called fake to the many of the statues there, such show offs! haha, we enjoyed the ride though it was not at all like when in Egypt. There was treasure hunters where we sat in this old fashion vehicle and went around the place and saw fake animals.



Here, i remembered a dear friend, Adilah who love dinosaurs. There was a water ride where they sold ponchos for $2 each and we were the few stingy and stubborn people who didnt want to buy even thought they warned us that we’d be soaking wet. We didnt believe them. Well i think it depends on where you sit. If possible, bring your own poncho, if you have. I recall it being wet only 2 times during the ride, otherwise it was pretty relaxing ride, it is the ancipation and the build up which made us excited.

Off we went to FAR FAR AWAY!

There we saw the prettiest castle ever, the real castles are never so pretty. They usually look like they would collapse anytime. This is how it looks like in Adilah’s dream world of course. Inside, we watched SHREK 4D show! Nice nice 🙂 Mr Q’s favourite thing at USS.


2 Responses to “Eventually we went there :)”

  1. 'liya March 30, 2011 at 11:26 am #

    These pics are so cute! I’m sorry I’m just leaving random comments throughout your blog now lol.

    • parv~.~ March 30, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

      Hey Liya, its a pleasure to receive comments 🙂
      Thank you!

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