my head is spinning

28 Feb

I dont know why but i feel that im a mess.

Not literally but my thoughts, they are in a mess.

Or maybe yes, i am in a mess. It is like i dont know who i am anymore. Who am i? What kind of a person am i? What values do i hold on to? Sometimes i dont know why i act the way i do, i wonder after my actions. What did i really want, is it just nonsense so that…i dont know

I can be stubborn and it is not fair. I know it is not fair yet i take advantage of the situation. I let myself think i know it all, but i really dont. I dont know. I think i am being a good person, but am i?

Oh dear, all this talk is making me worse.

Could it be the stress making me talk this way? I sound like a lunatic. I have alot to do and i dont know when to do it.

I dont want to go there, can i just not go? Why must i go? There is nothing wrong there but i just dont want to go. Or maybe its my subconcious telling me not to go but hiding the reason from me, leaving me to make wild guesses.

Sometimes i wonder if im ok up there. haha…if i have no one to talk to i think …

I think something is happening…i dont know what


One Response to “my head is spinning”

  1. ad February 28, 2011 at 2:05 pm #

    gal nice trip to universal studio yt to leave my foot print there…n y so stress talk to iq im sure he cn give u gd advices bt if tat still doesnt help u shld knw who turn to nxt- Allah. he is the greatest listener n advicer. if u wnt to go for gd purposes example studies y nt??

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