13 Mar

A movie which has more substance than the usual movies i watch.


Story about a teenager who lives in an inner city area who was pregnant with her second child. Melancholy filled me as i watched it, tears threatened to roll down my cheeks when i think of her situation, her aspirations for herself, her love for her baby, her image of herself…

Just thinking along the lines of discrimination; her race, her gender, her size, her image, her status, her education level were all against her. Being brought up in a place where her mother doesnt show any love for her, her self-esteem is very low.

What i was picking out throughout the movie was social work. I think i might be getting into character, am i?

When the her principal spoke to her, i watched for the choice of words and the manner of speaking. When her teacher addressed the class of ‘wayward’ and poorly performing youths in the alternative school, i tried to pick up on the methods used to reach put to them and win them over. When the welfare officer spoke to her, again i noticed much more social work mannerism. What is ok, what is not? It really depends doesnt it. Towards the end of the movie when the welfare worker was speaking to the mother, i noticed things that made the her defensive; that the welfare worker was white, middle-class and had a degree. The mother was so afraid to be JUDGED.

I see a cycle here; unmarried couple had a child, illegimate child was raped since a long time by illegitimate father and illegitimate child becomes a single mother…how is this going to affect the lives of the fatherless children with an illiterate mother? (if she doesnt recieve help, which in this case, she is)


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