Movies this weekend

11 Apr


Its been sometime since i watched a chickflick so i impulsively decided to do so. I felt so free for the first time in weeks and needed a breather.

Pretty similar to the first mean girls but i bet the first one was funnier. Isnt it always the case, the first movie in the series would be the best compared to the others? (consider Spiderman, Harry Potter, Ice age, Sex and the city etc)

Storyline is about a new girl in town who was paid to befriend this other girl who was friendless (sad right). She was out to beat the mean girls and became one herself, so totally unknowingly. That too happens right, we dont know who we’re becoming when we’re so bent on doing something or out to get something. I’ll give it

2 The Namesake

I saw it on a blog review and decided to give it a go. Though it took eons to get the movie, we didnt give up. Similarly, it was a pretty slow movie, quite different from other typical hollywood movies. Shuffles between Calcutta and Boston, taken quite long ago when mobile phones were inexistent.

The movie tells the story of a young man who used to read to travel but eventually moved to Boston to live and work. He got married and had kids. Life isnt so simple so watch it to find out what happens. The lead of the story if the son of this young man named gogol who as he grew up, didnt like his ‘weird’ name.  

3 Megamind

I enjoyed this movie! Despite the fact that i dont really like animation/cartoon movies. I might be changing taste and this could be because of Mr Q. I really like the blue Megamind. He tried so hard to be evil but he’s not a very successful villain. Again i thought of how even in today’s world, those who cannot measure up to the better students turn out to be ‘villains’ i.e.delinquents and criminals. For Megamind, he was brought up in prison, his environment has provided negative influences. I know im thinking too much of a simple movie.  Cute movie!


2 Responses to “Movies this weekend”

  1. ad April 12, 2011 at 4:05 pm #

    Haiya last time ask u to watch cartoon dont wnt. Pretend to be grown UP!! See hw nice is the movie. I myself haven watch lets see if i can get the CD no time to watch movie 😦

    • parv~.~ April 17, 2011 at 5:49 pm #

      haha! you not convincing enough maybe? or you want to watch the not so nice ones perhaps 😉

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