the peasant story

24 May

I was led to this story from a blog i used to follow to another mummy blogger to another website which featured an interview about male infertility and here we have a nice story 🙂

There is a Taoist story that I was told when I spent some time in China. I’ll do my best to translate it:

      There was a peasant, and one day he was working in the field and the plow broke, so the other neighbors were saying how unlucky he was.

        And his answer was,

“Is that so?”

Then while he was trying to repair the plow, which was stuck deeply in the ground, he found a buried pot of gold. All his neighbors gathered and they were saying how lucky he was! Some were jealous of him.

      And his answer was,

“is that so?”

With the gold he bought a horse and repaired the plow. One day while riding the horse his son fell down and broke his leg. So the neighbors gathered and told him that the gold brought him bad luck, because now his only son couldn’t help him with the crop.

      And his answer was,

“Is that so?”

Then a couple of days later an army invaded the province and the local mandarin sent the troops to get the young males of the village for conscription. The son of the peasant wasn’t taken because he had a broken leg. The sons of the other peasants were taken, and most of them died on the battlefield. The old peasants gathered and told him that he was lucky, because his son broke his leg just a couple of days before and he was saved.

      The peasant answered,

“Is that so?”

So the moral of this story is that there is nothing really wrong or right in life, but only what we give to it as value. So if having a child is our maximum goal in life, and not having one is a drama and heartache, then our life is miserable. But then I know parents who have children, then lose those children due to endless reasons, be them drugs, accidents, war. Well, I remember the Chinese peasant story, and know that till the end of our lives, we can never be confident that a certain event was right or wrong.


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