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A reminder to us all

28 Jun

If a servant of Allah is afflicted with a misfortune and says: ‘Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un, Allahumma ajirni fi musibati wa akhlif li khairan minha‘ (Verily we belong to Allah and truly to Him shall we return. O Allah! Protect me in this calamity that has befallen me and replace it with something better), Allah will accept his prayer, grant him reward for his affliction, and replace it with something better.”


Home made wedges

27 Jun


While reading someone’s food blog, i was so tempted to whip something up. I miss my finland days when I could experiment cooking in the most unimaginable ways. Ah… The smell of freedom and independence 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I do LOVE my mother’s food, I can walk for 15 mins to and from work under the scorching hot sun so that I can eat her food.

Erm..actually I have another motive of late, the little nephew of mine to play with, even for a little while, is well worth it.

Back to the topic of cooking, my father’s friend asked my husband about my cooking because that is what Indians like to know about the life of newly weds. My husband said ok. Haha I cook for him so seldom, it’s either my mother, his mother, his father, our grandmothers who’d cook the feast for us 🙂 aren’t we blessed? Alhamdulilah.

fate and lessons to learn

22 Jun

Last night, while i was having dinner with Mr Q and my mother, someone came by. Called at the door and we made Mr Q go because we were not veiled and it was a man. He told Mr Q that he was a cleaner at the block and he lost his wallet during work that day. We all know what would follow that story, ” can i have two to three dollars? Please, i would return you when i get money, i promise, god bless you.” This is not the first time it has happened. It was a foreign man and he attempted to speak Tamil to Mr Q. *sigh*

Mr Q came to the kitchen to pass us the message and we had our guards up already, ” go tell him dont have!” (we’ve had bad experience before, people asking for money and say they will return but they disappear) Poor Mr Q went to tell him something and he asked for ice water, Mr Q said no. Off he went on his way.

I wonder if it was he who took them.


This morning, we were leaving the house for work. Mr Q was outside for so long and then he came in to look for his shoes in the cupboard. Guess what? Both his formal shoes were not where he put them, they were missing. They were both about a year old, one pair less worn than the other, the wedding shoe.

The wedding shoe which we spent many hours and days, looking for the perfect one for the groom. It was my gift to him.

Who took both his shoes? We dont know. My first guess was the indian foreign labour who must have been avengeful when we refused to give him money. Who else would have taken it since it has been there, outside the house at the shoe rack for a year over and our neighbours, no matter how much they hate us, they never stole our things.

I told Mr Q not to worry but i think i was more worried than him. He wore his old shoes, one which he has worn for years now.


God’s way of reminding us to not be too attached to our worldly things?

God’s way of humbling us? (the shoe wasnt that expensive, both probably add to a hundred and i think we bought good quality shoes so that they will last, cheap shoes seldom last)

God’s way of reminding us to be kind to others?


How do i find solace? When i think of the above 3 sentences and that God will punish the theif, whoever he/she is, for he is all-knowing.

I asked Mr Q, should we have given the foreign indian man $2? He said no. Why should i give him money just to keep my shoes safe?


My mind is known to work that way, linking things up like the foreign indian man and the missing shoes.

There was a question my teacher posed the class:

At a woman’s mother’s funeral, a very handsome man came to attend the funeral. Two weeks later, the same woman’s sister passed away.

To me, it was so obvious! I thought it would be obvious to everyone but no, i knew that the handsome man only came to funerals so the woman killed her sister to see the man again. According to my teacher, that was how a criminal mind works.


22 Jun

There was a wriggly worm crawling on my spectacles. I think it fell on my head while I was walking to work :s


The First Two Years: A Marriage Survival Guide

20 Jun

More Muslim marriages in North America are breaking up in their first year
than ever before, according to Shahina Siddiqui, executive director of the
Islamic Social Services Association of the United States and Canada (ISSA).

The first five to seven years are the most challenging of any marriage.
They are a time a couple spends getting to know each other better and
adjusting to each other’s habits and personalities.

Below are some of the main problems couples face in the early years and
some possible solutions.

1. Lack of proper information before marriage

A number of problems are caused simply by the fact that the couple and
their families have not discussed crucial issues beforehand. Some of these

·     whether or not the wife will work outside the home
·     will the couple wait to have children
·     which city and country the couple will live in after marriage
·     will they live with his parents or have their own apartment

These and other relevant issues need to be discussed and decided in the
beginning stages of the marriage process.

2. Who’s in charge?

One of the biggest problems is the tug-of-war between couples over who is
in control in the relationship. This has led to a stalemate in
disagreements, as well as bitter feelings.

Many couples today are refusing to compromise within moderation when
differences arise.

While from an Islamic perspective, the husband is given the leadership role
in the marriage relationship, this does not mean he runs the couple’s
family life like a dictatorship.

It must be remembered that Islamically, a leader is one who serves,
manages, provides and nourishes. A leader must also have humbleness and

A husband exercises the right kind of leadership by being listening to and
consulting (doing Shura) with his wife.

Also, a husband is bound to follow the rules of the Quran and Sunnah. So
differences in opinion should be referred back to these sources, instead of
becoming a source of tension and problems.

3. The divorce option

Once upon a time, “divorce” was the seven-letter word most Muslim couples
avoided using. Today, amongst many Muslim couples in North America, it is
one of the first recourses turned to when conflicts occur in marriage.

It should be remembered that out of all of the things Allah has made Halal,
divorce is the one He hates the most. Couples need to look at several other
alternatives before turning to this drastic measure.

They should seek the help of older, wiser and trustworthy elders who will
try to help them resolve their differences. Generally, they need to make a
sincere, concerted effort to try to work things out before divorce is
seriously considered.

4. Sexual problems

It is unrealistic to expect the issue of sex and sex-related problems to Continue reading

Eating out

19 Jun

20110619-082512.jpg   20110619-082450.jpg  



20110619-082458.jpg  20110619-082439.jpg

I had slipper lobster pasta while Mr Q had nz sirloin steak. The mains were mediocre… We also shared a root beer float and brownie a la mode.


17 Jun

I never watched any x-men movies before and i admit, i wanted to watch this because Mr Q liked such movies. I think my brother did urge me to watch the other movies before but i refused.

It was enjoyable and thrilling. What i particularly liked was the way the movie begun, how Magneto emerged. I must say i just like anything of the past, taken during the war or in the countryside where people reared animals in their farms and i think you got the idea.

I remember my childhood days watching x-men cartoons, i think again my brother influenced me into watching that kind of cartoon. They had powers and they saved the world, who doesnt like such cartoons? 

The rest of the movie was great, action and twists were great, not as i expected. This is the first X-men movie of the series i think because the professor was just setting up his academy at the end of the movie. *spoilers*

My only exposure to x-men is



14 Jun

Paul PosterHumour was good at some parts. Its a sci-fi movie which was easy to understand. However, the message in the movie was encouraging believing in science and not God. I am not the girl in the movie who believe the alien is a demon but why cant it be that God created everything including Science? When the girl was convinced that there is no such thing as God, she wanted to do everything she used to abstain from when she was a believing woman. Rather simplistic as i said earlier, she wouldnt be convinced so easily, would she? I did enjoy the movie which was supposed to be funny but it was only after that when i thought of it did it hit me about the message it is putting across.





My dear friends’ big wedding

12 Jun




Mr Q and my family had to be at Reyas place at 8.30am. Mr Q and I were the driver for the day. Followed the couple around for their evening photo-shoot together one of Reyas’s close friend Arun. Quite fun to be brought around my own country to touristy places. A couple of people took photo of the bride and groom because they looked so outstanding. They even asked to take our photo! The western dressed newly wedded couple and the traditionally Indian dressed couple was part of singapore’s attraction. (I’m kidding of course)

My arms and legs hurts from the uncomfortable seating position in the car which was too low for my comfort. Nonetheless, happy to be part of the big day of my 2 favorite friends whom I’ve known since forever.

Dear Reyas and Adilah,

May you be blissfully married till the end. I am thankful to Allah for this wonderful ending to your epic love story and the beginning of a wonderful life together as husband and wife. Patience, understanding, compromising and accommodating are the few words which come to mind when it comes to this partnership, mind you it’s not a business 😉

Take care and enjoy!

With love,
Your friend

This little boy is growing so fast

9 Jun

the many expressions of my nephew! Oh I look forward very much to seeing him when I head home for lunch.

When it was time to eat, I sit him down in his baby chair and have my lunch. As he was getting bored, mother gave him a crab-looking toy to play. There is a button on this toy which when pressed would let out a short tune. I was surprised when I heard something else. Mother exclaimed that ge actually knew how to blow! We didn’t even know the toy could be made to be like a flute. Smart boy who probably didn’t even know he was blowing.

At times he’ll stare into my eyes and I wonder what could be going through his mind.

20110609-020448.jpg 20110609-020504.jpg 20110609-020511.jpg