Of henna party and family time

5 Jun

We had a blast watching movie and hanging out at Meg’s place. The henna lady came soon after and we had our henna done for Dil’s upcoming wedding which is pretty soon! I’m really excited and so are the girls. Making fun of the soon to be married girl who no one would have guessed 10 years ago would end up with her classmate. Matches are made in heaven 🙂 AND who would have thought Dil would want FLOWERY patterns for henna?? The Dil we knew would never be caught dead with flowers. Or maybe we didnt know her that well 😉

20110605-094339.jpg  20110605-094324.jpg


After waiting for a million years at Arab Street, my family arrived. They are never in time, after Maghrib is actually code word for after Isyak.  

At le bistro parisien!

20110605-093549.jpg    20110605-093620.jpg

We had these for sides; bone marrow with special sauce and escargot


This was my dinner/ supper of salmon and pasta.


While waiting for the food to arrive, we were being entertained by the little boy.

20110605-093816.jpg 20110605-093838.jpg

Potato and leek soup which was served with bread and butter.


He was bored of entertaining us.


The menu ~~ it looks handwritten in an olden type of font


I found the decoration interesting but not fitting with the French theme, it was mostly the Malay actors and singers of the past.


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