An update of my recent read

8 Jun

I wished i finished the book faster. I have a bad habit when it comes to reading books, if it takes longer than a few days i would lose interest no matter how interesting.

I finished most of this book…looking forward to the next book. Visit my library page for more updates in the future!!

#13 Labyrinth of Therapeutic Encounters edited by Anthony Yeo (2011)

This book discussed some very enriching techniques and knowledge on counselling namely the use of theories, how to reflect on client’s experience with worker, place of emotions (how deep are you with client), qualities of a therapist and many more.

My personal favourites are externalisation and working with grieving children. Externalisation is the effect of separation of problem and person through mindset, language and framing.

As for the method of working with children who are  grieving (dealing with a loss), they deal with systems and look at the behavior as part of the wider system, triangulation theory and cotexts influencing behavior. The use of play is very important giving them a sense of control.

I hope this summary would give readers an idea of what to expect, i feel practitioners would be able to relate better to this book compared to myself.


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