My dear friends’ big wedding

12 Jun




Mr Q and my family had to be at Reyas place at 8.30am. Mr Q and I were the driver for the day. Followed the couple around for their evening photo-shoot together one of Reyas’s close friend Arun. Quite fun to be brought around my own country to touristy places. A couple of people took photo of the bride and groom because they looked so outstanding. They even asked to take our photo! The western dressed newly wedded couple and the traditionally Indian dressed couple was part of singapore’s attraction. (I’m kidding of course)

My arms and legs hurts from the uncomfortable seating position in the car which was too low for my comfort. Nonetheless, happy to be part of the big day of my 2 favorite friends whom I’ve known since forever.

Dear Reyas and Adilah,

May you be blissfully married till the end. I am thankful to Allah for this wonderful ending to your epic love story and the beginning of a wonderful life together as husband and wife. Patience, understanding, compromising and accommodating are the few words which come to mind when it comes to this partnership, mind you it’s not a business 😉

Take care and enjoy!

With love,
Your friend


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