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Koh Samui ~ Language and the Island

31 Jul


Not many Thais can speak good English, from my experience with the service staff. But they understand perfectly well and that is great.
It’s not the language which makes one feel welcome but how one is treated. Very warm and welcoming, with sa wa dee krap/ka (welcome) and kau boom krap/ka( thank you).

The island

I think I’ve grown to like the little island, the simple roads with no traffic lights yet it’s safe and easy to get around, parking is free everywhere!

Roads tend to be narrow at some parts and one must just get used to sharing the road with the opposite car owner, usually it’s safe. I’ll slow down but they just go on like it’s no big deal. I didn’t heat much honking and I guess Thai drivers aren’t that impatient, if they are, they just overtake.

Below are some snapshots of the car we rented and of the nature:) photos courtesy of Mr Q the multi-tasker; navigator, photographer and many more.







Our way back to the resort was so scary, like a mini roller coaster. These are photos taken in the day so imagine when it’s night time with no street lamps and the road ahead if us wasn’t visible.








Koh Samui ~ Food

30 Jul

Breakfast was pretty appetizing, our choices were limited though because it’s Thailand. We had fresh pancakes and waffles, cut sized fruits and the usual bread and cereal/ museli/ dried fruits variety.

The last morning here, I had croissant with chocolate, fruits, and cereal:) Mr Q must always have his pot of tea which will offer 4 cups of tea.

We had lunch on one of the days at L’Ananas Restaurant which is at the resort itself. I had ‘Make your own pizza’ with shrimp, pepper, mushrooms and pinepapple. Mr Q had Pad Thai seafood.

Other than that, we survived on the fruits and instant noodles which we bought at a muslim village in Koh Samui.

On our last day, it was just biscuits and fruits. We lasted all the way till following day afternoon to have sumptous home cooked meal by my beloved mother, chicken soup and parettel (Mr Q’s favourite).





On our second last day there, since we had the car with us, we drove all the way to Chaweng. There, we made our way to the Lebanese restaurant where we had sumptous Arab food, shish tawook with rice and chicken kebab with rice. It was served with coleslaw which actually taste really good. As always, whether it was Singapore or Egypt or Thailand, Mr Q must have Mango Lassi with his Arab food.






For the benefit of whoever who might want to have halal food in Chaweng, I took some photos of the landmarks near the restaurant.





Koh Samui ~ Getting there and around

29 Jul

Actually there is a direct flight there by Bangkok Airways but because they are the only service providers which flies to Koh Samui, the prices can be exorbitantly high. It was my idea of course to look for cheaper alternative, thus we travelled fromSingaporeto Phuket on AirAsia airbus and then off to Koh Samui on a propeller type airplane which is actually really cute, Bangkok Airways Boutique Airline.

You may rent cars, jeeps, scooters and motorbike from them( the hotel) at a price. Definitely not cheap but that was the way around the island. There were a number of uphills and downhills along the way so going around on the mountain bike would be challenging. The scooter was my first option but I didn’t know how to use it and regret not learning when I wanted to. I remember Adilah and I were supposed to take lessons together but I don’t know what happened. They are the much cheaper means to get around as rent is lower and fuel is cheaper. One benefit of a car is obviously shelter in the heavy downpour on our way back from Chaweng with huge areas of flood in the pot-holed road.














Koh Samui ~ Ban Sabai Sunset Beach Resort

28 Jul

Our hotel offered free mountain bikes and kayaks. There is also a gym on the hill which is available for use by guests. Free bottles of mineral water and a fresh fruit basket available daily in our sunset room. ( from which we didn’t see much of the beautiful sunset unfortunately, I’m guessing it’s because of the rainy weather.) There is of course spa which I didn’t get any. Our sunset jacuzzi room boasts a jacuzzi of course which was really good.

The service staff were really courteous most times and always have a ready smile on their faces.







Above are some photos of our welcome drink, our room and the view from our room.

Romantic getaway ~ Koh Samui

27 Jul

Time travels so fast.
It definitely feels different traveling after being married for a day and compared to a year later.
The days flew by so fast that I didn’t realize it’s almost over. I’m going to post about our holiday a little differently this time.

Basic facts
We spent our holiday in the beautiful island of Samui, in the area of Ban Taling Ngam beach. We travelled around by rented car, GPS navigator and a map to the other areas namely Hua thanon, Lamai beach, Chaweng beach and a waterfall along the way.

Coincidentally it’s Mr Q’s birthday followed by our wedding anniversary, Alhamdulilah:)


In my 20s and I still love my mum

21 Jul


The little things that makes me happy

21 Jul





The frog can brighten up my day! I love the colour:) anyway credits to my student who made this during her design & technology class.


20 Jul

I just saw my nephew who was lying down. He would roll over and then crawl on his tummy, more of glide actually but it can count as crawling.

* climbing all over me and biting wherever he can while I type this post*

Actually a week ago, he started standing without support for 20-30 seconds, now his record is 84 seconds!

It’s actually quite disgusting how he’ll blow saliva. He will do that even when there is food in his mouth.

I just saw this little boy move into sitting position from on his tummy! Another milestone for Ahmad Mukhlis:)20110720-025010.jpg20110720-025016.jpg20110720-025025.jpg20110720-025032.jpg20110720-025037.jpg




20 Jul

The ceremony. The company. My parents. My mentor. The social work community. The staff. They made it all a wonderful experience. Alhamdulilah.

The visit to AWWA, Asian Women Welfare Association, which houses a special needs school for those with multiple-disabilities and physical disabilities,they have a Fanily Service Centre, Elderly Services, Caregiver Services and Educational Services. AWWA is considered a VWO, a Voluntary Welfare Organisation partly funded by NCSS and i guess MCYS. Do check out their site for more details. They are also looking for volunteers 🙂

On our tour, i saw babies being taught self-awareness and oh my they are really cute! It seems volunteers like to help out with the babies group. They serve people from cradle to grave and it really think that is noble.

And why are they called Asians WOMEN Welfare Association? I used to wonder that for a long time. Anyway its called AWWA because it was started by 4 Asian women long long ago.

20110720-112654.jpg   20110720-112759.jpg 

20110720-112810.jpg  20110720-112825.jpg 

Cute little buny i spotted in the volunteers lounge at AWWA.

Weekend retreat, our style – at home

18 Jul


 I chose this picture for the movie because really a lot (or should i say most)of scenes are taken from this very car. The romance is not much and not that original. Our typical tamil movie where boy catches sight of girl, boy gapes at her while she remains oblivion. Boy coincidentally meets her again and again but she continues on in her oblivion. As in any tamil movies the hero must show off and win the girl’s heart by fighting off the villian(s) and so they find some enemies to fight off and they lived happily ever after.

Source Code

I kind of like this movie, out the world sort and the type of movie Mr Q likes. I find it similar to movies such as The Adjustment Bureau and The Vantage Point i’ve watched recently.

I think the actor looks like the Tamil movie actor Surya, with the unshaven face and short hair. So very much!

The plot is not easy to understand and even at the end, they try to make it seem like a happy ending but it doesnt make sense. After some thought, i begun to understand but some parts of the story just dont follow. Oh well! It is just a movie and only what god creates would be prefect, if he wills 🙂

Just like the Adjustment Bureau, the ‘angels’ try to adjust some peoples’ lives but they fail. Can the real angels fail? Can you imagine the angel reported the wrong thing to God and then they have to adjust it? Just thinking out loud. Well that movie made sense a little more than this one, The Source Code.